US History Timeline

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    The French and Indian War

    The French and Indian war is an important event in American history because it is the reason America came to be itself. This is because after the war with the French and Native Americans the British were in debt. They didn't find anyone to tax so they taxed the colonists that fought beside them.
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    The Revolutionary War

    The Revolutionary War was started because of the Stamp Act.The British government said that it had the right to tax the colonists.The colonists did not agree.They thought it was unconstitutional.The Revolutionary war is important to America because this war gave America independence. It is the first war for independence.
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    The Declaration of Independence

    The declaration of independence was drafted by Benjamin Franklin,Thomas Jefferson,John Adams,Roger Sherman,and Robert Livingston.It included the colonists' independence from the British monarchy.The declaration of independence is important because it showed that they were ready to be independent no matter what happens.
  • The Constitution

    The Constitution was established to create the U.S government.This document included the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of the government. The Constitution also contains the Bill of Rights, which gives certain rights to U.S. citizens.
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    The Battle of Alamo

    The Battle of the Alamo is a battle between the Texians and Mexicans.This fight was the fight for the texas freedom.In this battle only two texians survived.This is an important time in u.s history because this is the battle that made many texians lose their lives.This is the battle that left the wives and kids of the people who died helplessly.
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    The Civil War

    The Civil War broke out in 1861.The main reason it was started is slavery.The North did not need or depend on slavery.The South on the other hand depended on slavery .There were also many economic differences between the two sides.This is an important time in America because many people lost their lives some people lost their homes ,some other people would survive the war but without a full body.
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    Emancipation Proclamation

    The Emancipation proclamation is a very important event in U.S history.The Emancipaton Proclamation was a document that freed over 3 million slaves.It was written by Abraham Lincoln In 1862 but it did not show full effect till January 1,1863.
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    Women Rights

    This is a very special time for women.That is because in 1878 the 19th amendment was added,but it was not ratified until 1920.This is a very important event in America.If this event never happened then no women would be allowed to vote.
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    It's an important day in the history of U.S.A because USA became the first country to send men to the moon. Apollo 11 is the 1st manned mission to the Moon. The first people who landed on the moon were Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.
  • 9/11

    9/11 is a very important date because it is the second most disasterous event since pearl harbor.In this event 4 planes crashed.Two hit the Twin Towers.One het the Pentagon.And the other one crashed in a field at Shanksville,Pennselvania.Many people lost their lives ,too.This event made U.S.A safer.That is because they added extra security everywhere now.