US History

  • Election of abraham Lincoln .

  • SC secedes from the Union, first one to leave

  • The Confederate States of America is founded.

  • Period: to

    Attack on Fort Sumter. Official start of the civil war.

  • 1st Battle of Bull Run

  • Penninsula campaign. First major attempt to capture richmond. It was a series of battles Union lost a whole bunch of them.

  • Union successfully blockaded all confederate ports save for Charleston SC and Wilmington NC

  • Battle of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson.

  • Battle of Shiloh

  • Union Captures New Orleans. Admiral David Farragut. Major win.

  • Battle of Antietam. Repelled a confederate invasion of maryland. Kept britain from recognizing the confederacy.

  • Period: to

    Battle of Gettysburg. It was a huge victory for the Union

  • Vicksburg is Captured. It gave the union complete control of the mississippi river.

  • Atlanta was Captured and Sherman started his way to the sea through Georgia.

  • Lee surrenders to grant.

  • Period: to

    Lincoln Assassinated at Fords Theatre and the Peterson house