U.S. History 1960-1975 timeline by: Malachi Mooty

By K95000
  • Period: to

    Dwight D. Eisen Hower presidency

    V.P.: Richard Nixon
    Party: Republican
  • Greensboro sit-ins

  • Inauguration of JFK

  • Period: to

    JFK presidency

    V.P.: Lyndon B. Johnson
    Party: Democratic
  • Peace Corps created

  • Yuri Gagarin orbits earth

  • Bay of Pigs invasion

  • Period: to

    Birlin Crisis

  • "Silent Spring" is published

  • Period: to

    Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Equal Rights Act passed

  • "I have a Dream Speech"

  • Assassination of JFK

  • Period: to

    Lyndon B. Johnson Precidency

    V.P.: Hubert Humphrey
    Party: Democratic
  • Beatles come to america

  • Civil Rights Act

  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

  • Medicare and Medicaid established

  • Voting Rights Act

  • National Organization for Women

  • My Lai Massacre

  • Assassination of MLK Jr.

  • Assassination of Robert Kennedy

  • Richard Nixon elected President

  • Period: to

    Richard Nixon Presidency

    V.P.: Gerald R. Ford
    Party: Republican
  • Man lands on the moon for the first time

  • Period: to


  • 1st Earth Day

  • Enviromental Protection Agency established

  • Equal Rights Amendment passed

  • Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision

  • Endangered Species Act passed

  • Richard Nixon's Resignation

  • Period: to

    Gerald R. Ford Precidency

    V.P.: Nelson Rockefeller
    Party: Republican
  • Vietnam Conflict ends with the fall of Saigon