US History 1887-2008

  • Period: to

    Early American History

  • Declaration of Independence signed

  • Constitution Written

  • Bill of Rights ratified

  • Period: to

    Civil War/Reconstruction

  • Homestead Act

    provided 160 acres to anyone willing to settle on land in the west
  • 13th Amendment

  • 14th Amendment

  • Transcontinental Railroad Completed

  • 15th Amendment

  • Telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell

  • Period: to

    The Gilded Age

    Rockefeller/Carnegie (Captains of Industry vs. Robber Barons)
    Philanthropy-Promote the welfare of other
    Monopoly-Exclusive possession of a supply or trade
    Jane Addams-Second Women to receive the Noble Peace Prize
    Laissez-Faire-Policy of letting things take their own course
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    prohibited immigration of skilled or unskilled Chinese laborers, first US national immigration act
  • Pendleton Civil Service Act

    awarded government jobs based on merit
  • Interstate Commerce Act

    ensure railroad set “reasonable and just” rate and the first time government stepped in to regulate business
  • Dawes Act

    gave individual ownership of land to native Americans instead of the tribe owning things collectively
  • Hull House founded, first of many settlement houses

  • Period: to

    The Progressive Era

    Muckrakers-Established institutions and leaders were corrupt
    Initiative, Referendum, Recall-Can adopt a change in law
    The Great Migration-6 million African Americans moved to the Northeast
    NAACP-Advance justice for African Americans
    Immigration Issues (Assimilation and Nativism)-One giant culture of indigenous people
  • Sherman Antitrust Act

    outlawed business monopolies
  • Klondike Gold Rush (Alaska)

  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    legalized segregation, established “separate but equal”
  • Period: to


    Theodore Roosevelt-26nd President and youngest to be president
    Rough Riders-1st United States volunteer cavalry
    Foreign Policy-Government strategy in dealing with other nations
    Immigration Quotas-Allowed passage through America with national origins quota
    Yellow Journalism-Based on crude and exaggeration
  • The Jungle by Upton Sinclair is published

  • Meat Inspection Act

    law that makes it illegal to adulterate or misbrand meat
  • Pure Food and Drug Act

    regulation of the preparation of foods and the sale of medicines
  • NAACP Founded

  • 16th Amendment

    established the federal income tax
  • 17th Amendment

    direct election of U.S. Senators
  • Federal Reserve Act

    established the Federal Reserve, which helped stabilize the banking industry
  • Period: to

    World War I

  • National Parks System created

  • Period: to

    Roaring Twenties

  • Period: to

    Great Depression

    Hoover believes it will end fast. Rations are handed out.Caused by credit. FDR makes new policies to fix the economy. Banks close.
  • Period: to

    World War II

    Germany attacks Italy.
    Poland is attacked by Germany.
    Germany was trying to conquer Europe.
    Germany takes over Austria.
    Ends the Great Depression.
    Women get into the workforce.
  • Period: to

    Early Cold War

    Containment- Stop the spread of communism
    Arms Race/Space Race- U.S. and Soviet race to the moon
    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic- Official name of Russia
    Communism- Government owns everything
    Domino theory- One event will cause the same thing to happen somewhere else.
  • United Nations formed

  • Truman Doctrine

    U.S. policy that gave military and economic aid to countries threatened by communism
  • 22nd Amendment

    prohibits anyone who has been elected president twice from being elected again
  • Marshall Plan

    program to help European countries rebuild after World War II
  • Berlin Airlift

  • NATO established

  • Period: to

    Civil Rights Era

  • Korean War

  • Rosenberg trial

  • First H bomb detonated by America

  • Jonas Salk invest in Polio vaccine

  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

  • USSR launches Sputnik

  • Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

    Begins undeclared war in Vietnam
  • Medicare and Medicaid established

  • Tet Offensive

  • Tinker Vs Des Moines

    Defined the 1st amendment rights for students in the United States Public Schools
  • Period: to

    End of the Cold War

  • Pentagon Papers leak

  • 26th Amendment

    Moved voting age from 21 to 18
  • War Powers Act

    law limited Presidents ability to send troops to war without Congressional approval
  • Fall of Saigon, marks the end of the Vietnam war

  • Period: to

    1990s-21st Century