US Economy

  • Revolutionary War

    Money was very thin and couldn't afford the war much. This is a Recession
  • Early 1800s

    Mostly agricultural and the expansion of residency to the West made more land available to farmers, espescially since the cost of the land was cheap. This is Expansion
  • Industrial Revolution

    The rapid inventing of machienes that increase productivity made business more profitable. This is peak
  • Mid 1800s

    Industrial Revolution
  • Civil War

    Union makes money while the Confederacy economy fails. Little recession.
  • Second Industrial Revolution

    More inventions made to make life easier and business more profitable(like electricity). US leads world in manufacturing output. Expansion
  • WWI

    High taxes and what not to pay off for the war effort. Recesion
  • 20's

    High war taxes no longer and federal debt cut by a third. Expansion to peak
  • Great Depression

    Stock Market crashes and we go into the worst economy the US has ever had. Trough
  • Period: to

    Great Depression

  • WWII

    With many men going over seas to fight in the war and most of America working to make bullets and other war supplies, America's economy was going very well. Recovery
  • Post war era

    The "Golden Age" of the economy. The middle class swelled and a very well work force made sure this was good. Peak
  • Late 1900's

    Steady decline. Inflation and oil crash. Recession
  • Great Recession

    House market crash. Banking system faces crisis. Large investment firms fall. Recession