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Economics Hundred Years Timeline - Sukowski

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  • Theodore Roosevelt Elected President

    Theodore Roosevelt Elected President
    Before being elected Vice President he was the 36th governour of New York. In 1901, he was elected Vice President. The same moth he was elected Vice President, he became president due to the fact that McKinley was assacinated.
  • Supreme Court bakers law

    Supreme Court bakers law
    The ten hour work day law and sixty hour work week law for bakers is overturned by the supreme court. Since this day, work laws have been overturned. Until, the West Coast Hotel Company vs. Parrish case in 1937.
  • San Fransico Earthquake

    San Fransico Earthquake
    This earthquake left 478 people dead. Later on the estimated deaths were over 3,000. This earthquake left $350-$400 million dollars worth of damage.
  • The Henery Ford Assembly line

    The Henery Ford Assembly line
    One this day, Henery Ford creates the first assembly line. This allows people to build cars at a faster rate. This caused for mass production as well.
  • The Federal Reserce Act

    The Federal Reserce Act
    This act was created to form a economic stability for the banks. This is one of the most important laws concerning the U.S finacial system. This law will also hold stability through the introduction of the Central Bank, which would be in charge of monetary policy.
  • world war one

    world war one
    World war one lastef form July 28th, 1914 to Novemember 11, 1918. This led to the expansion of goverment powers. This war also grew out industry.
  • The Roaring twenties

    The Roaring twenties
    Thr Roaring Twenties was a great and bad time for change. The law for no alcohol was made. This caused more people to start drinking. There was more people dancing then working. During this time everything was going downhill.
  • Lindberg Flies over the Atlantic Ocean

    Lindberg Flies over the Atlantic Ocean
    Charles Lindberg was the first person to even fly over the Atlantic ocean. She is knows as Lucky lindy. She takes off from a dirt runway in Long Island.
  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
    This stock market crash is known as Black Thursday. This brings the roaring twenties to a dead stop. It brings the United States into a Depression.
  • The Great Depression Depens

    The Great Depression Depens
    The Great Depression depens as 10,000 banks fail. 25 percent of people who had jobs now loose their jobs. During this time FDR takes office.
  • The New Deal

    The New Deal
    The New Deal was founded by FDR during the Great Depression. It was to help him complete his goals of the United States never having to go into another depression. The new deal was disscused in early years but was never put into action.
  • the social security act

    the social security act
    The social securtiy act was created to give people who are retired money. It was passed by congress as part of the second deal. It is supposed to help people who are of old age, in poverity,or are unemplyed.
  • Huge Goverment Spending

    Huge Goverment Spending
    During world war II
  • United Nations

    United Nations
    IN 1954, 50 countries met in San Fransico at the United Nations Confrence on International Organization. The charter that was made up at this confernce was signed on the 26th of June, 1945. Poland was not at this confernce and signed in later in the year.
  • Presidential Succession Act

    Presidential Succession Act
    The Presicention Successtion Act was put into place to cut back some of the duties of the President and vice president. The President and Vice President are not aloud to discharge the powers and duties in office.
  • The 22nd ammendment

    The 22nd ammendment
    This ammendment of the consitution limits the President to only having four terms. This ammendment was ratified in 1951. This was put into action because of Franklin D. Roosevelt's fourth term in office.
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks
    On this day, Rosa Parks got on the bus after work. She in one of the first rows that was degsinated for colored people. At one of the stops, a white male came onto the bus. Since there was no more seats, Rosa was told to stand and let him sit down. She refused and later was arrested. But, this was also a big step for america.
  • Revenue Act

    Revenue Act
    Also known as the Tax Reduction act. This tax cut bill was signed by President Lydon Johnson. Income tax rates were then cut by 20 percent.
  • Civil Rights act

    Civil Rights act
    Got rid of discrimitation based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin, Powers that were giving to enfoce this acts were weak. Also got rid of segregated schools.
  • Brown Vs. Board:

    Brown Vs. Board:
    The plantiffs that took part in this new that they could change history. Helped get rid of segration in schools. The people who make up this story were just ordanary people.
  • wage and price control

    wage and price control
    In response to the public favor, the Nixon Administration imposes wage and price control. This controls curb inflation. Inflations were hated, but it shoots up when controls are removed.
  • Oil Crisis

    Oil Crisis
    Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries proclaim an oil embargo. Petroleum supply shocks raises the price of fuel. This also cause the drop in agriculture and unemployment rates go up.
  • The North American Free Trade Agreement

    The North American Free Trade Agreement
    The NAFTAis an agreement signed by Canada, Mexico, and the United States, removing tariff. But, only for fifteen years. superseded the Canada–United States Free Trade Agreement between the U.S. and Canada,
  • Apollo–Soyuz Test Project

    Apollo–Soyuz Test Project
    First joint project between the US and the Soviet Union. This was also the last flight of Apollo spacecraft. This marked the end of the Space Ract that started in 1955.
  • Depositry Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act

    Depositry Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act
    Signed by Jimmy Carter on March 31st. Gave federal reserve greater control over non-member banks. It foreced all banks to run under federal law.
  • The Alaska Landslide Act.

    The Alaska Landslide Act.
    Desginates over 100 million acres as park and wilderness lands. Prevents exploration and develepment of Alaska's huge mineral and oil reserves.
  • US stock market

    US stock market
    The US stock market plumets dangerously. New Federal Reserve board chairman calms the panic of the public with a statement. "serve as source of liguity," to support the economic finacial system.
  • North American Free Trade Agreement

    North American Free Trade Agreement
    NAFTA is implanted to remove tariff. This is between Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Also signed by these countries.
  • Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act

    Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act
    President Bill Cliton signs this act as a design to change the nations wellfare. This would change it into one that requires work. By signing this, it helped him achieve his campaign "end welfare as we have come to know it".
  • Glass–Steagall Legislation

    Glass–Steagall Legislation
    The term Glass-Steagall act actually refures to the Banking Act of 1933. This limited commercial banks to become security firms. The efforts became more advance in 1999.
  • Geroge Bush.

    Geroge Bush.
    Gergoe Bush signs a $350 billon tax cut. This is the third largest cut in us history. This is also known as the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001.
  • "Housin bubble" bursts

    "Housin bubble" bursts
    This sets in motion the mortgage crisis. And the Great Recession. Congress begins to reorganize the "shadow banking system."
  • President Obama tax cut.

    President Obama tax cut.
    President Obama and congress pass the ARRA. This provides tax cuts and funds to create new jobs. Also, saves excisting jobs.