President franklin delano roosevelt

Parallel Timelines Assignment

  • (P)Franklin D. Roosevelt is Born

    This was the beginning of Franklin's life.
  • (P)Franklin begins courses at Harvard

    Roosevelt attends Harvard, where he finds his passion for politics and Eleanor.
  • (P)Cousin Theodore becomes Vice President of the US

    Franklin was influenced by his family member.
  • (W)Theodore Roosevelt becomes President

    After William Mckinley is assassinated, Theodore assumes power.
  • (P)Franklin marries Eleanor Roosevelt

    Eleanor was the niece of Franklin's fifth cousin, former President Theodore Roosevelt.
  • (P)Franklin wins a New York Senate seat

    This kicked off Franklin's political career
  • (W)US Breaks up Standard Oil monopoly

    Up until this point monopolies devastated the US economy.
  • (P)Roosevelt supports Woodrow Wilson as Democratic presidential nominee

    Roosevelt's first political moves were establishing himself. He begins with endorsing Woodrow Wilson.
  • (P)Roosevelt wins second senate term

    His political career continues
  • (P)Wilson appoints Roosevelt to Assistant Secretary of the Navy

    Roosevelt continued to work his way up the political chain through hard work.
  • (W)WW1 Begins

    The world had never seen a conflict as grand as this one.
  • (W)US Enters WW1

    After avoiding the world war, the US enters the war after Germany's constant provoking in the sea.
  • (P)Roosevelt damages his marriage

    In 1918 Roosevelt had an affair with Lucy Mercer, Eleanor's secretary.
  • (W)WW1 Ends

    Germany surrenders and the war ends.
  • (W)Treaty of Versailles is formed

    This treaty established peace but screwed over Germany -- thus contributing to the later start of WW2.
  • (P)Roosevelt runs for VP

    James Cox and FDR ran on a ticket together and lost to Calvin Coolidge.
  • (P)Roosevelt is diagnosed with polio

    Polio was devastating to Roosevelt. The disease interrupted his political career and almost left him paralyzed.
  • (P)Roosevelt becomes New York's Governor

    This was Franklins first political race since his troubles began with polio. He won by just 25,000 votes.
  • (W)Stock Market Crashes

    The stock market crash marked the beginning of the Great Depression -- a period that Franklin would later lead the nation through.
  • (P)Roosevelt wins reelection as NY Governor

    This time he won by 725,000 votes.
  • (P)Roosevelt wins President of The United States

    He beats Herbert Hoover by roughly 7 million popular votes and 413 electoral college votes.
  • Period: to

    (P)Roosevelt's "First Hundred Days"

    The first hundred days after Roosevelt's inauguration were full change. Roosevelt reopens banks, establishes the AAA and the NIRA to aid in the recovery of the country.
  • (P)FDR's Inauguration Day

    Franklin D. Roosevelt is officially the 32nd President of the United States
  • (P)FDR Introduced the Second New Deal

    Another extensive piece of legislation intended to relieve economic turmoil.
  • (P)FDR wins second term as President

    His presidency continues and he wins by a much greater margin than before.
  • (W)The new deal was ending

    Roosevelt's biggest promise to the US was running out of time. He then had to develop a new approach
  • (W)WW2 Begins

    Hitler has risen to power and the world is in chaos.
  • (P)Roosevelt wins third term

    He broke George Washington's tradition of just two terms.
  • (W) Britain runs low on cash

    Britains cash problem opens the door for further improvement in relations.
  • (P)Roosevelt passes the Lend-Lease Act

    The act allowed for the US to trade military equipment and supplies for other objects outside of just money.
  • (W)Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

    Until this point, the US had avoided directly fighting in the war. Japan didn't like the US supplying their enemy so they took a shot. They definitely pay for it later though.
  • (P)Roosevelt asks congress to enter WW2

    Roosevelt had to declare war after the events that took place the day before.
  • (W) Germany and Italy declare war on US

    In response to the US declaration of war, the feeling is now mutual.
  • (P)Roosevelt dismantles the new deal and creates vast war effort

  • (P)Roosevelt wins fourth term

    For the first time ever a president has been elected for a fourth term.
  • (W)D Day

    The allies attack the beaches of Normandy. One of the most devastating battles of the war.
  • (P)Franklin D. Roosevelt Passes Away

    Cause of death was a brain hemorrhage