Gorelick sweatshop

Finding the Industrial Worker Amiss the Great Depression

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    Great Depression and Working Artist

    For ASMSA Compostion II. The Great Depression and 3 Art works
  • Black Thursday

    Black Thursday
    Great Depression officially begins in U.S.A. Stock Market in NYC crashes. Photo From:
  • Herbert Hoover Reassures

    Herbert Hoover Reassures
    "Any lack of confidence in the economic future or the basic strength of business in the United States is foolish."
    -Herbert Hoover Photo From:
  • Bonus Funds to WW1 Vets

    Bonus Funds to WW1 Vets
    Congressman Partman proposes bonus bill to immediately pay WW1 veterans their funds given to them in 1924. This is not supported by Hoover because it will cost the gov't 4 billion. Photo From:
  • Food Riots Begin

    Food Riots Begin
    Starving Americans begin to take part in food riots. In Minneapolis, a hundred men and women break into a grocery store and steal food. The owner has his arm broken and seven people are arrested. Photo From:
  • Deportation of Mexican Americans

    Deportation of Mexican Americans
    As unemployement rises, so does racism against "foreign" workers. "Foreign" workers are accused as taking jobs from "real" Americans. 6,024 Mexican Americans are deported. Photo From:
  • Largest Bank Failure in History

    Largest Bank Failure in History
    New York's Bank of the United States Collapses. At the time of the collapse, the bank had over $200 million in deposits. Photo From:
  • RFC Established

    Congress establishes the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. The RFC is authorized to lend $2 billion to banks, credit association, insurance agencies, and etc. It was a bailout tactic. Later in July it will be authorized to lend to needy states.
  • New York Statistics come in

    New York Statistics come in
    A study found that over 750,000 New Yorkers are dependent on city relief. Another 160,000 are on the waiting list. These dependents cost the city about $8.20 per person a month. Photo From: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/timeline/rails-timeline/
  • WWI Veterans Start the March and Create the Bonus Army

    WWI Veterans Start the March and Create the Bonus Army
    300 WW1 Veterans start the march to Washington D.C. from Oregon and Seattle Washington. They are joined by their comrades all over the nation on their way and once they arrive. They went to D.C. to support the Bonus Bill. The bonus bill will pass the House but fail the Senate. Photo From: http://secondsightcinema.com/gabriel-over-the-white-house-1933/
  • Bonus Army refuses to leave

    Bonus Army refuses to leave
    Over 15,000 veterans refuse to leave D.C. without their bonus pay. They set up camp near the White House and the Capitol. Hoover signs a $100,000 transportation bill to help the Bonus Army go home. Violence erupts when some veterans resist movement. 2 veterans die. Federal Troops assist police in removing the veterans. Photo From:
  • FDR Innagurated and Banking Holiday

    FDR Innagurated and Banking Holiday
    FDR wins the 19332 election over Hoover. FDR authorizes a four day banking holiday and on March 9th the Emergency Banking Act. By the end of the month, 75% of the US banks are back in action. FDR starts fireside chats to reduce fear. Photo From: http://www.authentichistory.com/1930-1939/2-fdr/1-newdeal/19330312_FDR_On_The_Bank_Crisis-1st_Fireside_Chat-FDR.jpg
  • CCC Established and Emergency Banking Act

    CCC Established and Emergency Banking Act
    FDR takes the nation off the gold standard.
    The Civilian Conservation Corps is created. The CCC at it's peak hires 500,000 men ages 17 to 27. These men are kept in camps all over the country and work in forestry, conservation, and agricultural projects for 9 month stifs.
    Photo from:
  • TVA

    Tennessee Valley Authority is created. The TVA is anexperiment in social planning.TVA runs a large hydro-electric power program, builds dams, works with the forestry agencies in the Tennessee River Vally, develops rec. lands, and produces and sells fertilizers. It is called a communist plot by it's opponents. Photo From:
  • National Industrial Recovery Act

    National Industrial Recovery Act
    In May of 1933, the National Industrial Recovery Act is introduced to Congress. This act enables the National Recovery Administration to designate some price control. Also recognizes the right of workers to collectively organize and bargin. Creates the National Labor Board to settle disputes between unions and corportations. Photo From: http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2014/01/16/263129670/the-birth-of-the-minimum-wage-in-america
  • FERA Established

    The Federal Emergency Relief Administration is passed by Congress. By end of first day, Hopkins, chief, issues $5million grants on frst day.
  • FDIC

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is established to guarntee bank deposits. Also, commercial and investment banking are seperated under the Glass-Steagall Act.
  • Soil Erosion Service

    Soil Erosion Service
    After many years of drought and soil erosion, the Soil Erosion Service is created in the Southwest Panhandle to organize farmers in the soil conservation districts. Photo From:
  • Federal Agriculture Program Slaughters 6 million pigs

    The Federal Agriculture Program slaughters six million pigs in an effor to stabalize pork prices. This is unpopular because most of the meat went to waste.
  • Congress Establishes CWA

    Congress establishes the Civil Works Administration. The CWA works to maintain roads, build public buildings, and build parks.
  • Preaching against Captalism

    Father Coughlin starts using radio to rally against predatory captalism. He forms the Union for Social Justice. He is remembers for being Anti-Semitism
  • J.E.B. Allen Skyriders

    J.E.B. Allen Skyriders
    In 1935, James Edward B. Allen does a series of drypoints on building skyscrapers. Skyriders is one of these pieces showing construction workers riding a steel gurter.
  • WPA established

    The Work Project Administration is signed into being by FDR. This program pays 41.57 a month to 8.5 million Americans across the nation. The WPA hires thousands of artists to work on various projects.
  • NYA founded

    The National Youth Administration is founded in 1935 to put thousands of youth, whom are not included in the CCC, to work. The Student program helps students get odd jobs which pay enough to keep them in school. The Out of School Program helps youth secure jobs in areas such as house painting or helps them get into vocational training.
  • Social Security

    FDR signs Social Security into law. Social Security provides a check for disabled and elderly. This is the most controversial of FDR's new plan.
  • Motor Strike

    Members of the United Automobiles Workers hold a strike at GM's plant in Flint Michigan. Members of the Union and corperation police clash violently.
  • J.E.B. Allen Commissioned to Create Lithographs for the US Pipe and Foundry Company

  • Donato Rico and Industrial Diseases #1-Silicosis

    Donato Rico and Industrial Diseases #1-Silicosis
    Donato Rico was interested in improving industrial workers conditions. This paticular work focused on miners and silicosis. Silicosis was caused by inhaling silicon; silicon is common in mining and was released when rocks were crused or drilled into. This work and others like it helped improve working conditions for miners all over the country.
  • Memorial Day Massacre

    Ten People are killed at a rally/picnic at Republic Steel's plant in south Chicago. Dozens are wounded
  • Boris Gorelick creates Sweat Shop

    Boris Gorelick creates Sweat Shop
    Boris Gorelick creates his most famous piece, Sweat Shop. Sweat Shop depicts depressed workers sewing pieces together to form coats, jackets, and other clothing. Photo from:
  • FDR is relected

    FDR is relected for his 3rd term, FDR is supporting Britain by selling them goods in the war against Germany. America later enters the war in 1941 and the economy gets a jump start.