Universe CCLIX

  • Cain Perrish is born

  • Jaqei'aer ir nah Kae'en is born

  • Jonas Steinwolf is born

  • Gunner Perrish is born

  • Jonathan Winters is born

  • Delilah Black is born

  • Jacob Nero is born

  • Vespyr and Vincent are born

  • Lucien DeChain is born

  • Ari Stockholm is born

  • Delilah enrolls in Ninjutsu

  • Vespyr and Vincent are abandoned

  • Lucien is diagnosed with OCD

  • Jaq leaves Kae'en

  • Delilah's father dies

    Maxwell Black is murdered. Delilah is almost killed same day by hitmen hired by her mother to collect insurance money and pay off debts.
  • Delilah's mother remarries

    Victorie Black marries her late husband's brother, Arthur Black.
  • Caroline Steinwolf dies

  • Delilah's stepfather dies

    Arthur Black dies of natural causes.
  • Delilah is sent to boarding school

    Victorie Black leaves America and goes back to England on 'Urgent business' leaving Delilah in the care of a private boarding school. In her spare time, Delilah takes up fixing and building various machines/class mates cars, the first of which, a basic amplifier for her guitar. Continues until 2007.
  • Vincent commits suicide

    Vincent commits suicide
  • Vespyr becomes a killer

  • Delilah discovers her Qi

    Delilah's Qi activates for the first time while in a school sponsored 'wrestling tournament'. VERY ALARMING. begin's life long struggle for control of her power.
  • Period: to

    The 259 Era

  • Period: to

    In The Business of Death

    Vincent becomes a hitman
  • Delilah attends PHS 259

    After hearing about the infamous school practicing corporal punishment that houses students with 'certain abilities', Delilah forges her mother's signature to enroll at Public High School 259. Leaves the boarding school, takes what little money she has left (effectively disowned by her mother once she finds out) and lives onher own in Kalidescope Apartments doing odd jobs (fixing/building things) while going to school.
  • First Day (Delilah, others)

    259: First day of school. Delilah meets Rem. Flirtations are exchanged. John gets in a fight, Yuki runs away.
  • Strange Terrorism (Delilah, Valekin)

    259: Delilah, being a nosy little so-and-so, finds something wrong with the school after hours and is accosted by "The Monster", who threatens her into painting words on the school lockers with blood. (Delilah gets scars around her neck from where he grabbed her throat)
  • Same Shit, Different Day (Delilah/Rem)

    259: Rem gets in a fight and Delilah assists. MORE flirtations are exchanged, as well as phone numbers.
  • Lucien meets Wedge

  • Delilah and Rem get together

  • Delilah is hired at Deutsche Küche Restaurant

  • Delilah's mother dies

    Victorie Black dies of unnatural causes. Body never located.
  • Delilah starts travelling

    Having dealt with her mother's funeral arrangements and inherited a substantial amount in a will, Delilah jettisons off to travel the world for four months --WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE.
  • Lucien attempts suicide

  • Delilah returns to Long Beach

    Delilah returns to Long Beach. Arim Urem'der becomes her newest roommate as part of a rehabilitation program.
  • Vincent and Jacob meet

  • Seeing Things (Vespyr/Gabriel)

    PHS 42: Gabriel meets Vespyr in a cafe and invited her to the honor guard
  • Honor Guard

    PHS 42: Vespyr attends Gabrial Seran's meeting, briefly; she sees Dots there
  • Ground Zero

    PHS 42: shit goes down which Vespyr has no idea about, but she slaughters some staff in a hallway before leaving the school grounds.
  • When Darkness Falls (Vespyr/Dots)

    PHS 42: Dots and Vespyr meet; Dots wounds Vespyr's right arm; he tries to keep her.
  • So We Meet Again... (Vespyr/Dots)

    PHS 42: Dots saves Vespyr in an alleyway; he gives her Fleesh
  • Conflicting Thoughts (Vespyr/Patrick)

    PHS 42: Vespyr and Patrick meet in a cafe.
  • Vespyr leaves San Francisco

  • New In Town (Vespyr/Scene)

    259: Vespyr arrives in Long Beach, near death; Scene finds her and takes her to his home.
  • Vincent kills Jacob

    Vincent kills Jacob
  • Of Masked Murderers and Macabre Muses (Vespyr/Scene)

    259: Vespyr has a nightmare and crawls under Scene's bed; they talk on the roof, then Scene has an episode and tries to kill her; they both end up jumping out the window and Vespyr finds herself back in the alleyway.
  • Fire in the Cantina (Vespyr/Gabriel)

    259: Gabriel massacres an entire cafe again; Vespyr leaves him with some 'enlightening' words about joining the dark side and then they part
  • Vincent begins hunting for Vespyr

  • Vespyr stumbles across Jurassic Park

  • Sweet Reunion (Vespyr/Scene)

    259: Scene finds Vespyr again; Vespyr gives him directions to her place
  • What Will Come Shall Come (Vespyr/Scene)

    259: Scene shows up at Vespyr's place
  • Dual Trial (Vespyr/Scene)

    259: Scene spends the night at Vespyr's place; they end up back at his mansion, and the next morning Vespyr finds him gone.
  • Ante Up (Vespyr/Katsuri)

    259: Vespyr and Katsuri meet at the school and he chokes her until she passes out; when she wakes up, she runs off as he tries to catch her
  • Then There Were Two (Vespyr/Scene)

    259: Vespyr thinks she sees Scene across the street and steps into traffic, hit by a car; Scene takes her back to his mansion and they fight; Scene traps her in her memories and forces a confession
  • Rain One (Vespyr/Scene)

    259: (continued from 'Then There Were Two') Scene reveals part of his plans to Vespyr, then disappears again
  • The Breaking Point (Emily de Santos/"Unfettered")

    259: Emily de Santos drugs and rapes "Unfettered" after he doesn't reciprocate her feelings.
  • This Is Our World... (Vespyr/Katsuri/Unfettered)

    259: Vespyr and Katsuri meet again whie Unfettered looks on from across the street; Katsuri informs her of shit that may go down at some point then asks her to train with him; she leaves, angrily
  • Gut To Meet You~ (Unfettered/Vespyr)

    259: Vespyr meets Unfettered at the school after saving him from some bullies; they go to Starbucks and discuss Vespyr's potential involvement in 'Remnants'
  • Period: to

    Vespyr's Withdrawal

    259: After a fire in her house that leads her to believe Fleesh is dead, Vespyr goes into a depression and seals herself in her home for a month; Scene appears eventually and pulls her our.
  • Familiar Speech (Scene/Vespyr/Asiv)

    259: Scene and Vespyr show up at 259 and Vespyr brutalizes Asiv; before killing him, though, she gets fed up with Scene and stalks off
  • Phase Two: The Undertaking (Vespyr/Unfettered)

    259: Vespyr hunts Unfettered down at the school; they go to Starbucks to discuss some more things, then go to Wendy's for root beet floats; they go to Unfettered's apartment and... 'play'
  • Return of the Dots of Death (Dots/Bastille/Vespyr/Unfettered)

    259: Everybody happens to meet up, rather awkwardly; Vespyr and Dots get into a bit of a row and she gets branded, then storms off
  • Vespyr meets Gilbert Pike

  • Vespyr rescues the Twins

  • Seeking Shelter: Part I (Vespyr/"Unfettered")

    FTD: Following Return of the Dots of Death... Vespyr escapes from the summer heat by hiding onder "Unfettered"'s bed.
  • Queen of Blades

    259: Experiments and a splinter Enforcer faction attack 259; Dots and others fight them, while Unfettered and Vespyr watch and take notes; there is an awkward confrontation between Vespyr and Scene, which Unfettered gets to see
  • Out To Play (Vespyr/Katsuri)

    259: Katsuri tries to catch Vespyr, but she escapes, heavily wounded, into the storm drains
  • Defaced, Defamed (Vespyr/Scene)

    259: Scene kidnaps Vespyr after he finds out she's working with Unfettered; he kills her, she reanimates and beats the crap out of him, then he tells her he loves her
  • The Sound of the Rain (Vespyr/Scene)

    259: Scene wakes up from his coma and tries to get Vespyr to confess to him, but she realizes she doesn't love him, and leaves; he leaves her in charge of his 'army' in the meantime
  • Relapse (Vespyr/Scene)

    259: Vespyr returns to Scene's mansion to say goodbye, but finds he isn't there; he's left her a note along with his mask
  • A Declaration of Independence

    259: Vespyr throws Scene's mask away
  • The Finale (Vespyr/Scene)

    259 (Pastebin): Vespyr burns down Scene's mansion and has a faceoff with him; she kills him, he kills her, and that's that.
  • Call In A Blue Moon (Vespyr/Unfettered)

    Call In A Blue Moon (Vespyr/Unfettered)
    259: Vespyr gets a call from Unfettered; she meets him at a hospital, where they remove one of Teal's eyes; the police show up, Vespyr kills them all, but not without getting killed herself; after reanimating she almost kills Unfettered but then patches him up, and the two fall asleep together; the next morning Unfettered and Teal begin their switch and Vespyr storms off in their van
  • Aimless (Vincent/Leta)

    259: Vincent approaches Leta, thinking she might be his sister, but she's not
  • Blood Sport (Vespyr/Leta/Sebastian/Tuvlan/Mariska)

    259: Vespyr shows up at the school and gratuitous violence ensues; Tuvlan smashes people with a tree; Vespyr spares Leta's life, warning the girl that she better get stronger
  • Red with White (Vespyr/Tuvlan)

    Red with White (Vespyr/Tuvlan)
    259: Vespyr takes an interest in Tuvlan and takes him home as her pet
  • Following Tracks (Vincent/Unfettered)

    Following Tracks (Vincent/Unfettered)
    259: Vincent and Unfettered meet in a cafe; Vincent agrees to help Unfettered if he'll tell him all he knows about his sister; they subjugate the Black Hoods; Vincent 'moves in' to Unfettered's apartment and they discuss stuff over wine on the roof
  • Almost Time (Vespyr/Unfettered/Teal)

    Almost Time (Vespyr/Unfettered/Teal)
    259: Vespyr and Unfettered torture Teal and then take a bath
  • Fate

    259: Barker attacks 259... and the rest of the world
  • Aftermath

    259: Immediatly afer Fate, Vespyr and others seek refuge in her home; Vincent radios in for help, Vespyr gets the call, and returns to 259 to retrieve him and a wounded Unfettered; the twins reunite
  • Period: to

    Reign of Sean Barker

  • Delivery (Vincent/Unfettered/Vespyr)

    Delivery (Vincent/Unfettered/Vespyr)
    259: Vincent takes Unfettered to Crows via the tunnels
  • Rogues is founded

  • Leech and Tick join Rogues

  • Jaq is found

  • The Initiation (Vespyr/Leta)

    259: Leta arrives in Rogues territory
  • Asthma joins Rogues

  • On Official Business (Vincent/Unfettered)

    On Official Business (Vincent/Unfettered)
    259: Vincent pays Unfettered a special visit
  • Getting SMASHed (Tuvlan/Vespyr)

    259: Vespyr forces a fight between Tuvlan and the twins, Titus and Isaiah
  • The Culling (Vespyr/Tuvlan)

    Vault: Tuvlan and Vespyr head out for a night on the town... killing people
  • THE BOY MUST LEARN (Tuvlan/Vespyr)

    259: Tuvlan begins his training
  • Intruder Alert (Saul/Jaq/Vespyr)

    259: Saul joins Rogues
  • Unknown Territory (Fox/Mariska/Jaq/Saul/Vespyr)

    259: Mariska and Fox trespass and are slaughtered.
  • The gods must be crazy

    FTD: Quinn and Allen get into a hissy fit. Vespyr takes Saul to Location X and savagely beats him in order to get a reaction from his Qi, while Teal records the event with a videocamera.
  • Because i care (Ari/Saul/Jaq)

    Because i care (Ari/Saul/Jaq)
    FTD: Saul, Jaq, and Ari hang out. To celebrate Ari's belated birthday, the boys get their septums pierced by Jaq.
  • The Slaying of Fiends (Gilbert/Vespyr/Vincent/Tuvlan/Unfettered)

    259: Gilbert attempts revenge and gets it... sorta
  • Withered Olive Branch (Vespyr/Teal)

    Vespyr tries to figure out what Teal's game is with her brother, and finds it was less of a game than she thought.
  • Dreihinfar (Jaq/"Teal")

    Farewell To Days: Jaq gives "Teal" a lesson in Kaehen
  • Lucien joins Crows

  • Lucien starts eating again

  • A few days prior... to War Drums

    FTD: An intriguing informative correspondence between Asiv and "Unfettered"...
  • Strife! (Vincent/Tuvlan/Rogues)

    259: A small border skirmish that ends well, leads to celebrations and a rather relieving phone call for Vincent.
  • Missing parts of us (Vincent/Jonas)

    Vincent visits Unfettered for a week; Jonas has bad news
  • A Day With Death (Vespyr/David Blaze)

    259: David comes close to the border of Rogues territory; Fleesh leads him to Vespyr on her way out of town
  • Seeking Shelter: Part II (Vespyr/Jon)

    FTD: Waking up from a dream of the past, Vespyr and Jonathan rekindle the romance that was budding before Scene stepped in and ruined everything.
  • Vespyr finds Patches

  • Homeward Bound (Vincent/Dragon)

    259: on his way home from cisiting Jonas, Vincent runs into a Dragon and gets wounded pretty badly
  • Midnight Stroll

    259: Somebody drops a mysterious fruit in Rogues territory; Ari eats it and it unlocks a Qi
  • Pool Party!... (Ari/Leech/"Teal"/Vespyr)

    Pool Party!... (Ari/Leech/"Teal"/Vespyr)
    Farewell to Days: Leech and Asthma go for a swim, and are caught off-guard by some trespassers; Jon saves them; Ari's Qi is discovered
  • In A Dark Place (Vespyr/Tuvlan/Jon)

    Tuvlan returns from his trip, badly beaten
  • No one lives forever

    FTD: Cain mysteriously wakes up from his coma, scares the shit out of everyone
  • Emo kids with too many feelings (Ari/Lucien)

    259: Startled by Cain's sudden recovery, Ari runs off and finds himself in Crow territory; he meets Lucien deChain
  • The Philanthrapist (Cain/Delilah)

    The Philanthrapist (Cain/Delilah)
    259: Cain and Delilah bash some Barker soldiers and meet a mysterious Experiment who 'reward's Cain with a strange illness; the two hunker down in a safe house overnight, then Vespyr comes to steal him away in the morning; she tells Delilah what Cain is really like, which makes Del furious
  • Call to Arms/March to the War Drums

    FTD/259: Rogues are rallies in preparation to assist the Crows against Barker.
  • New old things (Ari/Saul/Lucien)

    259: Ari takes Saul to Crow territory to meet Lucien and hang out in the pub
  • Bump in the Night (Tah/Marcus)

    Bump in the Night (Tah/Marcus)
    259: Tah makes a deal with Marcus regarding dog-catching
  • V is for Violence (Vespyr/Rai)

    V is for Violence (Vespyr/Rai)
    259: Vespyr wanders onto Dragon territory and steals the eye of young Raikotsu
  • Knife in the Dark (Mace/Graf/Marcus)

    259: Mace and Graf happen upon Marcus while he's on a recon mission
  • Lost and Found (Ari/Serj)

    259: Ari meets Serj at the ruins of 259.
  • Hard Feelings (Cain/Delilah)

    259: Delilah stalks Cain a little, beats the shit out of him, and the two frolic around for awhile
  • Two kids in a graveyard (Cain/Delilah)

    259: After a raunchy evening back at the pawn shop, Cain and Del visit a graveyard in an attempt to get a lead on Levi. The two engage in questionable activities and are promptly assaulted by a mysterious horde of flies!
  • Two Dead Boys (Kyle/Gavin/Marcus)

    FTD: Kyle kills Gavin and is exiled from Rogues
  • Bringing the darkness to light (Vespyr/Vincent/Delilah)

    259: Delilah and the Rogue commanders talk about their apparent alliance.
  • Kismesissitude in the making (Saul/Cain)

    FTD: Saul stops by to tell Cain where Ari's been. The two are quite upset and take their frustrations out on each other... on the kitchen table
  • Not what i planned (Saul/Ari)

    FTD: Saul comes by Ari's new place to ask him why he left and such
  • Freed & Returned (Teal/Del/"U")

    FTD: Unfettered is returned to Crows.
  • When Death comes knocking (Vespyr/Serj)

    FTD: Vespyr stops by to ask Serj a favor (in progress)
  • Vespyr and Vincent head to San Luis Obispo

  • Never again (only a dream)

    259: Vespyr meets Scene in a dream.
  • The Neighbors (Ari/Cain/Saul/Crows)

    The Neighbors (Ari/Cain/Saul/Crows)
    FTD:Cain takes Saul and Ari trick or treating for his birthday.
  • The paths we take (Ari/Delilah)

    259: Delilah teaches Ari how to play the guitar!
  • Bonfire (Lucien/Jaq/Ari)

    259: Lucien asks Ari out.
  • Rogues disembarks from Sheol

  • The unlucky ones

    FTD: Saul and Allen are left behind and captured by Barker's troops
  • Period: to

    Rogues on the Move

  • One lost, One Gained (Canna/Jaq/Ari)

  • It's that time again

    FTD: Vespyr begins testing Canna, the new recruit.
  • Saul and Allen are rescued

  • Survival of the Wicked

    FTD: The Rogues invade Kingman, AZ
  • One Left (Tah/Marcus)

    259: Tah finally concedes and seeks out the Crows.
  • A Lost Voice (Leta/Tah)

    FTD: Leta wanders into Disneyland.
  • Thanks Again (Tah/Leta)

    FTD: Leta bakes muffins
  • Ari and Cain send letters home

  • Nowhere, NM

    FTD: The rogues attack an unsuspecting town in New Mexico
  • Darker Days (Cain/Richard)

    FTD: Richard Stock comes to bring Cain back to Long Beach, where Gunner has killed himself.
  • Wish You Were Here (Ari/Lucien)

    259: When Ari returns to Long Beach with Cain, he and Lucien share a few bittersweet days together.
  • Sometimes it just has to die (Cain/Del)

    Sometimes it just has to die (Cain/Del)
    259: After burying Gunner, Cain visits Delilah to tell her goodbye.
  • Crooked Vultures (Samhaign/Ari/Cain)

  • Kick me while i'm down (Serj)

    FTD: Serj bugs Cain about some stuff after he gets back from his trip.
  • Good will prevail

    FTD: Vespyr forces Allen to burn down a church.
  • The Writing on the Wall (Allen/Cain/Saul)

    The Writing on the Wall (Allen/Cain/Saul)
    FTD: Cain finds Allen doodling on a wall and decides to join in the fun.
  • The promise of shadows (Allen/Vespyr)

    FTD: Vespyr pokes Allen with a sharp stick.
  • A place for ghosts (Evander/Adam)

    FTD: Evander finds Adam wandering around Sheol.
  • On this hallowed eve

    FTD: Samhaign tells a ghost story.
  • Things fall apart

    FTD: It's time to come home.
  • Time to begin again (Jaq)

    FTD: As Rogues prepare to head back to Long Beach, Jaq embarks in his own direction.
  • Impossible Ghosts

    FTD: Vespyr creeps on Delilah
  • Relations (Vince/Delilah)

    FTD: Delilah invited Vincent over for a drink, as a belated thank-you for bringing Unfettered home safe.
  • Flight of the isolated stoic small bird

    FTD: Ari leaves Cain and goes to find Lucien.
  • Walking in the light/Last things (Wdge/Luc/Saul/Sam)

    FTD: Ari meets Wedge, then learns that it's Sam's brother. FTD: Ari goes to tell Saul and Sam he's left.
  • Ari's Crow Training

    FTD: Ari makes it 22 days into his training before getting discharged after fighting with Teal.
  • Rubbish (Allen)

    FTD: Allen wanders around and meets a strange old man
  • The Tengu and the Oni

    FTD: Cain meets Heather and Wren on the beach, and invites Wren to meet up with him for drinks later. Delilah shows up.
  • Protect me from what i want (Luc/Ari)

    FTD: Ari comes home after being discharged from his Crows military training
  • Beat you to it (Saul/Cain)

    FTD: Cain is already drunk. Saul brings more alcohol. Shit happens.
  • Lunatic (Luc/Ari)

    FTD: Lucien adn Ari can't sleep.
  • DIDNEY Lun (Sebastian/Tah)

    FTD: Sebastian wanders into Disneyland. Tah is getting tired of this.
  • The iron giant gets bored (Jasper/Patches)

    FTD: Patches makes a new friend.
  • Rusted wheel (Jasper/Vincent)

    FTD: Vincent reluctantly goes looting with a really annoying (but hot) guy named Jasper.
  • Sad Robot (Patches/Nyx)

    FTD: Patches goes looking for Vespyr and gets lost
  • I just work here (Wren/Tah)

    FTD: Tah meets Wren.
  • A Warm Place (Vince/Jasper)

    FTD: After an unsettling week, Vincent goes to meet up with Jasper again.
  • The Crimson Visionary (Ig Hunt)

    FTD: Ig begins his struggle for power
  • Period: to

    Vincent held hostage

  • For Fuck's Sake (Cain/Saul/Edgar)

    FTD: So many drugs.
  • Pond Water (Tah/Leta)

    FTD: Tah and Leta hang out, but Tah is angsty.
  • Pay For It (Saul/Cain)

    FTD: Saul sets Cain's broken hand
  • Don't look at me (Tah/Morana)

    FTD: Morana makes Tah her prey.
  • Wings in the wind (Tah/Leta)

    FTD: Tah asks Leta to leave with him
  • Nothing's Changed (Tah/Leta/AVKings)

    FTD: Tah and Leta find themselves in Aliso Viejo
  • Vespyr comes home

  • Ig is overthrown

  • Doctor's Orders (Jasper/Vincent/Vespyr)

    FTD: Jasper gets his stitches out
  • Jasper and Samhaign begin training

  • The Worst Thing (Jasper/Vespyr)

    FTD: Jasper's Rogue training.
  • Don't TOuch Me, I'm Hungry (Cain/Hiroshi)

    FTD: Cain finds Hiroshi and bothers him, Hiroshi stalks Cain, Cain takes Hiroshi to his apartment, Hiroshi is made to realize why he should not have followed Cain
  • One of us (Vincent/Jasper)

    FTD: Jasper comes home from training, and he and Vincent ride bikes to the beach.
  • You're doing it wrong (Del/Cain)

    FTD: Delilah gets mad at Cain for abusing his katana
  • An aspiring sociopath (Morana/Cain)

    FTD: Cain meets Morana.
  • Assault on Anaheim (Crows)

    FTD: A local gang attacks Crows
  • Free at last (Cain/Morana)

    FTD: Morana is let out of her cage. She comes to get revenge on Cain, but he's too stoned on her morphine to be any fun, so they save it for fight night.
  • Help me, I'm bored (Cain/Morana)

    FTD: Morana and Cain hang out and she gets him addicted to morphine, the bitch
  • Extending the hand (Rogues & Crows)

    FTD: Rogues and Crows meet to discuss their alliance
  • Finders Keepers (Morana/Edgar)

    FTD: Morana meets Edgar and the two do a drug trade
  • Notorious (Vincent/Jasper)

    FTD: Vincent and Jasper run into some vengeful neighbors
  • Back to square one (Morana/Cain)

    FTD: Cain comes home from "rehab". Ari comes by to get some things, says some things he shouldn't have, gets thrown out. Morana hears the ruckus and finds out about what happened to Gunner. And then she runs off.
  • Pit of Vipers (Serj/Vespyr)

    FTD: Serj seeks help from Vespyr
  • Morana comes home

    FTD: bluh feelings
  • Mistakes were made (Cain/Saul/Morana)

    FTD: Saul comes to Cain's house and leaves very upset and unfulfilled. Morana accidently sets Cain's room on fire.
  • I'm not good at this (Ari/Michael)

    FTD: Ari goes for a walk to get some breathing space.
  • Told you so (Cain/Morana)

    FTD: Morana's birthday celebration goes horribly wrong.
  • Cain leaves

  • Hhhhhhhhh (Ari/Michael)

    FTD: Ari finds the bar Michael mentioned.
  • When the poison kicks in (Ari/Luc)

    FTD: Ari and Lucien split up
  • Come to collect (Morana/Vespyr)

    FTD: Vespyr offers Morana a spot on the execution squad. And takes her blood.
  • At least i have cigarettes (Henry/Morana)

    FTD: Morana meets Henry, who has met her before.
  • Ouroboros (Tah/Leta)

    FTD: Tah sleeptalks.
  • In the neighborhood (Ari/Michael)

    FTD: Ari drops by the bar again to say hi
  • Always coming back home to you (Cain/Morana)

    FTD: Cain returns from his trip across country, he and Morana avoid each other at first then end up talking things out briefly.
  • Strange agent (Cain/Ruby)

    FTD: Cain offers Ruby a place in Sheol to run a bar.
  • Another girl? (Cain/Morana/Mace)

    FTD: Morana meets Mace
  • The good. The bad. And the morbidly curious (execution squad)

    FTD: Rogues make their first appearance for an execution on Crow territory
  • Deal or no deal (Cain/Hiro)

    FTD: Hiroshi gets his goggles back.
  • Grand opening

    FTD: Ruby opens her bar
  • A Busy Night At The Bar (Henry/Mace/Ruby)

    FTD: hella gossip
  • Whatever you do, don't cry (MIchael/Ari)

    FTD: Michael finds Ari again, thanks to Saul
  • Probably a huge mistake (Hiroshi/Cain)

    FTD: It's Hiroshi's birthday.
  • Horrible, terrible things (Allen/Vespyr)

    FTD: Allen sees some very disturbing footage on camera 12. Vespyr knows what it is.
  • Lamb among wolves (Ari/Samhaign)

    FTD: Samhaign sees Ari in a window.
  • To you, five years later (Vince/Michael/Jasper)

    FTD: Vincent gets wasted, he and Jasper exchange secrets and everything is ok
  • IMRP: dad? (Jasper/Vespyr/Vincent)

    FTD: Vincent recognizes the body that Vespyr's cat friend left beheaded on their porch.
  • Dread (Michael/Ari)

    FTD: making out happens
  • Some refreshing drops for your mind's eye (Vespyr/Michael)

    FTD: Vespyr and Michael "hang out"
  • Curiouser and Curiouser (Vespyr/Michael - dream)

    FTD: Michael enters a dream with Vespyr.
  • Unavoidable (Ari/Michael)

    FTD: Ari and Michael have a talk.
  • Lyrical genius (Ari/Michael)

    FTD: A ticklefight.

  • Not what you expected (Vespyr/Michael)

    FTD: Vespyr babysits a litter of kittens.
  • RatHunt (Cain/Morana/Quinn)

    FTD: Cain and Morana try to catch Quinn. Something strange happens.
  • Lazy place (Ruby/Cain)

    FTD: Ruby and Cain get high
  • Talk, Much? (Henry/Jasper)

    FTD: Jasper and Henry hang out at the bar.
  • Dangerous Creatures

    FTD: Quinn teleports Allen to a strange place.
  • Autoimmune (Saul/Cain)

    FTD: Saul and Cain are at the bar.
  • Once in awhile (Del/Vince/Jasper)

    FTD: Vince and Jasper invite Delilah over for drinks
  • A Long Way From Home (Jasper/Vincent)

    FTD: Jasper and Vincent go to San Diego.
  • Putting out fire, Part 1 (Rogues)

    FTD: Strangers appear in Sheol.
  • Exhausted expectations (Cain/Mora)

    FTD: Cain and Morana take a road trip to Texas.
  • Putting out fire, Part 2 (Rogues)

    FTD: The US army comes to collect.
  • Vacation to nowhere (Cain/Morana)

    FTD: the roadtrip continues.
  • The truth for you (Vespyr/Jasper)

    FTD: Vespyr tries to explain something to Jasper, but he is dreaming.
  • Winner takes all (Rogues)

    FTD: Testing begins. Non-Qi using prisoners are released.
  • Where is my mind? (Henry/Eve)

    FTD: Henry and Eve make cookies
  • The scene of the slaughter (Cain/Mora/Del)

    FTD: Cain and Morana come home to find everyone missing
  • Familiar grounds (Vespyr/Michael)

    FTD: Vespyr gets bored and enters Michael's dreams to find out what's going on.
  • Splinter (Vespyr/Jean)

    FTD: Vespyr gets trapped in Jean's head
  • ... (Kal/Michael)

    FTD: Kal has something to say to Michael.
  • How many days until tomorrow?

    FTD: The plight of the remaining prisoners, Vincent, Ari, Saul and Allen, and the escape of Vespyr and Jean, as the army tries to take them to another facility in Alaska.
  • Some Unholy War

    FTD: The rescue team sets out to find the facility in Nebraska, but their imprisoned friends have been taken elsewhere.
  • In case of emergency (Henry/Eve)

    FTD: Henry leaves Eve the keys to his apartment in case he doesn't come back from the rescue mission.
  • Road of No Return

    FTD: The rescue team snow-shovels their way through Canada to chase after their stolen friends.
  • Demons calling you home (Vespyr/Jean)

    FTD: Vespyr and Jean try to follow the army but end up getting lost in Canada, in winter.
  • Pals :> (Henry/Eve/Patches)

    FTD: Henry brings Patches along to Eve's house for Halloween.
  • The Ghost of You (Cain/Ari/Morana)

    FTD: Cain has some hard feelings about Ari's death.
  • Honor Me (Delilah/Yusif)

    FTD: Delilah drops in to check on Yusif after they get back from the rescue mission.
  • Old wounds in new places (Cain/Delilah)

    FTD: Cain tells Delilah to forget about him.
  • A chance at peace

    FTD: Ari's funeral.
  • The darkness before the dawn (Vince/Jasper)

    FTD: Jasper's birthday, and some struggles during the month that Vespyr is still missing.
  • As above, so below

    FTD: Some freaky strangers wander into Tah and Leta's apartment.