United States History Class Timeline 2015-16

  • Aug 31, 1341

    King Tut 1341 bce- 1323 BCE

    King tut was a ruller in Egypt,

  • The louisiana purchase

    Is when the united states purchased 828,000 square miles of land west of mississippi river for 15 million
  • trail of tears

    This is the action that president Andrew Jackson made when he moved thousands of indians off there land into a new land. Its called the trail of tears because of the events that happened on the journy
  • Jennie Wade shot in the Civil War

    Jennei Wade was the only civilian shot, she was at the age of 20 and was doing the ordinary when she was randomly shot!
  • The Donner Party

    On thier way to the west the donner party came across a mountain range, others took a path that was strait forwardard to the west. The donner party took another path that was said to be a short cut, but really made the trip 1000 miles longer. they got stranded on the mountain, ate all of thier food, and cattle then ate eachother
  • the death of elvis

    every one was upset when they hurd "the king of rock and roll" was dead, many people loved him music.
  • The Twin TowersCollaps

    on this date the two twin towers collapsed, our airlines were taken over by terrorists and they flue the plains into the towers. This was very important because they were the biggest towers at the time and over 2,500 people faced their death.
  • MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  • The day i got my dog, Bailey

    My brother and father went to check out a video game store while me and my mom wated in the car, they came back telling us that there were puppies in there,tithere was a rescue dog and she had pups,they were selling them so bought one