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United States History

  • Devlopment of the Two-Party System

    Devlopment of the Two-Party System
    Two men, Alexander Hamilton a poor raised man and Thomas Jefferson a wealthy raised man disagreed with every aspect of how to run a govenment. Hamilton a Federalist distrusted the common, while his counterpart Jefferson thought the farmer was the most important piece of society. So when Hamiltion's Economic plan was introduced in 1957 Jefferson naturally disagreed and called it unconstitutional.
  • George Washington

    George Washington
    George Washington, our nation's first president. He created many standards that our country still uses today. Including the 4 precedents such as the two terms to a presidency which states that no President can serve more than two terms.
  • Period: to

    George Washington's Presidency

  • Chief Justice John Marshall

    Chief Justice John Marshall
    John Marshall usually agreed in favor of the Federal government, but ruled in a controversial Marbury v. Madison case that the decision was unconstituional. This decision gave the power of judicial review to Supreme Court to declare acts of Congress and/or state legislatures unconstitutional. This created an equality for the three branches of Government.
  • Manifest Destiny

    Manifest Destiny
    Manifest Destiny is a concept used in America in the early to mid 19th centrury where we believed that God wanted us to expand and it was our right to that land. The Native Americans were to be pushed out of their land. many treaties and battles took place, but Americans were always succesful.
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    Andrew Jackson's Presidency

    Andrew Jackson, known as the common man's president because of his impoverished background. he employed the spoils system which got him criticized. Pet Banks, the Tariff of Abomination, and the Nullification crisis all became present during his time in office.
  • Goal 5 - Invention

    Goal 5 - Invention
    The Telegraph was invented and made American life easier. The Telegraph made communication between distant places possible.
  • Women's Rights

    Women's Rights
    Women's right becomes very important in this time. Women such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Lucretia Mott became leaders in America for universal equality. The both died before the 19th century, but were the first step in women's suffrage.
  • The Dred Scott Decision

    The Dred Scott Decision
    Dred Scott was a slave that thought since his master moved to a free state, he should be freed. However, the Supreme Court ruled that slaves were property and he was not released.
  • Goal 3 - South Carolina Secedes

    Goal 3 - South Carolina Secedes
    When South Carolina secedes it shows how nationalism vs. Sectionalism caused much turmoil. These same type of actions lead to the Civil War
  • Goal 4 - Homestead Act

    Goal 4 - Homestead Act
    Homestead Act, allowed for farmers to gain 160 acres to start a farm if succesful the land would be thiers. The Morill Land Grant Act created universities and other facilities to be created with the unsucessful land.
  • Goal 4 - Americans continue West

    Goal 4 - Americans continue West
    In 1869 Promontory Point, Utah the first transcontinental railroad was finshed and used to transport humans, supplies, and good across the US. This allowed for more expansion West and let more immigrants from China and Iralnad into the country.
  • Goal 5 - Edison

    Goal 5 - Edison
    Thomas Edison changed the world forever with his invention of the lightbulb. The incadescent light bulb made for consistent light used by all Americans.
  • Goal 5 - Ellis Island

    Goal 5 - Ellis Island
    The US Government opened this island to deal with many new immigrants. Ellis Island located near the Statue of Liberty, became known as the recpetion center of the world for many thousands of immigrants.
  • Goal 4 - William Jennings Bryan

    Goal 4 - William Jennings Bryan
    A man who related to the farmers, and the simple man. He was the Populist Party candadate and a Democrat.
  • Goal 6 - Spanish-American War

    Goal 6 - Spanish-American War
    The Spanish and the Cuabsn had very large complications and created turmoil resullting in a small but effective war. Resulting in America gaining new territory and power.
  • Goal 6 - Treaty of Paris

    Goal 6 - Treaty of Paris
    After the war was over a treaty was signed making Spain give up control of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Pacific Island of Guam. We also decided to control Cub through the Platt Ammendment.
  • Goal 7 - Muckrakers

    Goal 7 - Muckrakers
    The journalists who wrote about the evils of the Gilded Age and how things happened. There were articles about meat industry, economics, and living conditions.
  • Period: to

    Goal 6 - Diplomacy

    Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson created different types of using intimidation, money, and power. A system that incorporated all three types became the most sucessful way to deal with affairs.
  • Goal 7 - 17th Amendment

    Goal 7 - 17th Amendment
    The 17th Amendment created a way that Senators were elected, through direct election. The people are able to decide and control who gets into office and who does not.
  • Goal 8 - Serbia and The World

    Goal 8 - Serbia and The World
    Serbia murdered Austria Hungary's prime minister and his wife the Ferdinands. This created the system of Alliances and thus a world war was started.
  • Goal 8 - The US

    Goal 8 - The US
    The US had not been involved in the war until after 1914. The Zimmerman Telegraph and other attacks on American troops.
  • Goal 9 - Roarin 20's

    Goal 9 - Roarin 20's
    The Jazz Age and the prohibition are many issues that took place. for Jazz it created a urban v. traditional and the prohibition created an issue socially.
  • Goal 8 - The Great Migration

    Goal 8 - The Great Migration
    Social Changes during the war such as increased slavery caused for the Great Migration. This involved thousands of black families moving north to create a better life.
  • Goal 9 - Harlem Renaissance

    Goal 9 - Harlem Renaissance
    Harlem Renissance, created and celebrated black culture for many in Harlem. This spread culture across the world.
  • Goal 9 - Henry Ford

    Goal 9 - Henry Ford
    Henry Ford , created a system of mass production for cars. This was possible through a patened method of assembly lines.
  • Goal 7 - Woodrow Wilson

    Goal 7 - Woodrow Wilson
    Woodrow Wilson, very influencial President helped pass the Federal Reserve Act. This created a national bank, and a modified version is still used today.
  • Goal 10 - Appeasement

    Goal 10 - Appeasement
    Bully countries such as Germany created turmoil between France, Italy, and Japan. Created to give larger more powerful countries what they want.
  • Goal 10 - Germany

    Goal 10 - Germany
    Germany and Hitler, have a strategy that was called Blitzkreig which was horribly effective in destroying all weaker armies. This was very useful and powerful.
  • Goal 10 - Pearl Harbor

    Goal 10 - Pearl Harbor
    Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. This action called for Americans to join the war and end it.
  • Goal 11 - Brown v. Board of Education

    Goal 11 - Brown v. Board of Education
    Thurgood Marshall, a young African American lawyer, argued for the case Linda Brown. He eventually became a supreme court justice.
  • Goal 11 - Montgomery

    Goal 11 - Montgomery
    The bus boycott by Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. spakred the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Goal 11 - Little Rock Nine

    Goal 11 - Little Rock Nine
    Local and State government resisted federal decision to integrate schools. Thus Federal government sent in national guardsmen to escort 9 students to class.
  • Goal 12 - OPEC Oil

    Goal 12 - OPEC Oil
    After many issues the middle east created an oil embargo. This act increased gas prices in America.
  • Goal 12 - Reagan

    Goal 12 - Reagan
    Ronald Reagan became one of the best president of recent history. His polices of New Federalism, and Reagonomics proved to be the seperating factors.
  • Goal 12 - Patriot

    Goal 12 - Patriot
    Since 9/11 the America has been a safer place due to the Patriot Act. Under this act the government has the right and power to contorl and listen in on people suspected of terrorism.