Unit 9

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  • Abraham Lincoln as President

    Lincoln won the election of 1860, but he did not win the popular vote.
  • Increase of Economics

    Newly invented, labor-saving machinery enabled the North to expand economically. Mechanical reapers vesting capacity.
  • Cilvil War

    A dispute over slavery between the North and the South, the Union and the Confederacy determined what kind of nation the country would be. At the end, the North won.
  • Economic Issues During the War

    In early 1861, after enough anti-tariff Southern members had seceded, Congress passed the Morrill Tariff Act. It was a high protective tariff that increased duties by 5%-10%. This was designed to raise additional revenue and provide more protection for the Northern manufacturers.
  • A Proclamation without Emancipation

    The Emancipation Proclamation called for the freeing of all slaves in Confederate territory, except in locations where the Union had mostly regained control. The North now had a much stronger moral cause. It had to preserve the Union and free the slaves.
  • Lincoln's Death

    On April 14, 1865, President Lincoln was shot and killed at Ford's Theater by southerner, John Wilkes Booth. Andrew Johnson took over as President.