Unit 3 Timeline

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  • 1517

    The Protestant Friar

    The Protestant Friar
    Martin Luther was a protestant who protested outside the doors of a Catholic Cathedral. He started an uprising in the questioning of the Catholic faith. From his actions sprouted Calvinism and other religions. This helped to shape people's understanding and belief in another power. America didn't have to be one religion and his way of thinking started that.
  • Supply and Demand

    Supply and Demand
    In North America there is a huge need for workers due to growing tobacco needs.When Europeans needed workers they turned to Africa. here they began to take Africans and force them to work on farms and plantations to fit their needs. Africans coming to America changed the economy completely. It started many years of cruelty and hardships, but also gave the Europeans cheap workers to use for selling crops.
  • Pilgrims come to the New World

    Pilgrims come to the New World
    The Pilgrims were one of the first travelers to come to North America in order to settle. They landed there and began to build a settlement. They had many struggles due to low supplies, fear of natives, and winter soon to come. They were one of the people that helped pave the way for new travelers to explore North America and make it their home.
  • Anne Hutchinson

    Anne Hutchinson
    Anne Hutchinson was know for creating antinomiansm. She decided to go against the Puritan uprising going on around her. She saw no clear way to salvation in a life of faith. She was ultimately condemned and banished for this as her high heresy. Her way of thinking inspires many other people to go against the norm. It tells people to believe in what you think is right and carve your own path.
  • Slavery expansion

    Slavery expansion
    With the growing increase, colonies needed even more workers. By this time Jamestown had about 2000 African slaves. This growing demand would begin many conflicts such as uprisings in slaves. It was the start of the battles and trials that Africans had only just started to experience in the New World.
  • Salem Witch Trials

    Salem Witch Trials
    During this time many puritans were beginning to come up and make settlements for themselves. They had established many ways of life. However, a threat they encountered was what they believed were witches. A group of young girls reported a hexing and the trials began. This showed the fear that the Puritans had for anything that challenged their religion. It was defining because of the fear that the earlier settlers had that was passed down to later travelers.