Underground to Canada

  • Drought

    Massa Plantation isn't progressing. For desperation, slaves are being sold.
  • Slaves were being sold

    Mammy Sally and Julilly found out that slaves were being sold. They tried to keep hope that they wouldn't be seperated.
  • Canada is a slave free country

    Mammy Sally tells Julilly about Canada, how there aren't any slaves there, and that one day they both will successfully survive there, together. She explains the path to Canada is to follow the North star,
  • Man takes Julilly away

    Julilly and Mammy Sally are torn apart. They don't know if they'll ever see each other again. Mammy Sally gives Julilly words of encouragement, that they are both strong and that they'll get through this.
  • Julilly's alone

    After the seperation from her mother, Julilly is in depression. She stays strong and hopes for the best in her future.