Under the Persimmon Tree

  • Before The War

    Najmah and her family are living a peceful life in Northern Afghanistan - life is good.
  • Twin Towers

    Najmah knows the world has changed and no one is safe because the Twin Towers were attacked and knocked down.
  • Cars and Trucks

    Najmah sees automobiles and trucks heading for her house. This is not a regular event.
  • Clinic

    Faiz is running a clinic in Mazar-i-Sharif where the fighting is heavy, Najmah learns this in a letter.
  • Family Travels

    Her family travels to Eastern Afghanistan and then on to Peshawar to find jobs for the family members.
  • Taliban Have Left

    Mansoora tells Najmah the Taliban have gone.
  • Searches Out Job

    Najmah rode in the back of a fruit truck to get to Peshawar in order to find a job.