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UK and Mexico Timeline

  • Sentimientos de la Nación

    Sentimientos de la Nación
    These document kept the fire of Independence. Some of the ideas that Morelos included were : power comes from the people and the abolition of castes .
  • Mexico achieved Independence

    Mexico achieved Independence
    Was the start of democacy in XIX century in Mexico . From September 16 , 1810 with Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla to the entrance of the army of The Three Guarantiees led by Agustin de Iturbide on September 1821 .
  • Constitution 1824

    Constitution 1824
    Stablish a representative Federal Republic , the abolition of slavery , freedom of press , supreme power divided into tree branches and Roman Catholic church as the only permited religion .
  • Roman Catholic Relief Act

    Roman Catholic Relief Act
    The act set that those of the Roman Catholic persuasion would be permited to take up a seat within the House of Commons . These act later led to The Reform Act 1830.
  • Great Reform Act

    Great Reform Act
    Britain elections were not balanced . Some recognised the need for a change . It achieved two main things : it extended the franchaise and get rid of some electoral differences .
  • Charitism

    A working class political movement called for anual elections and the right to vote in parliamentary elections . They mede a series of protest but being rejected by the elite class .
  • Liberalists vs Conservatists

    Liberalists  vs Conservatists
    Liberalists think the idea of freedom of religion was esscential to achieve democracy . At the end they win and Juarez was the representant . Power was divided in three branches .
  • Constitution 1857 Mexico

    Constitution 1857 Mexico
    Proposed by the liberals these constitution was the reminiscent of the one of 1824. Was the introduction of new Reform Laws . It included the restriction of military and fueros privileges and the separation between state and chruch.
  • Leyes de Reforma

    Leyes de Reforma
    Series of laws that stablished the separation between the State and Church during Juaréz regime . Church wont be able to take place in political decisions . Federal Constitution was completed with these laws.
  • Second Reform Act

    Second Reform Act
    These reform Act came up based around property qualifications . Vote was based on what property a person owned. Expanded suffrage and double the amount of voters.
  • Ballot Act

    Ballot Act
    The right for voters to vote in secret helped to increase democracy .
  • 3rd Reform Act

    3rd Reform Act
    Achieved suffrage . Now 60% of population can vote . Selection of candidates was still left to local representatives . Women were not even considered.
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