UFO sightings around the world

Timeline created by RRMMVV
  • Celestial phenomenon

    Celestial phenomenon
    In Copiapo, Chile, an unexplained celestial phenomenon was recorded. Enthusiasts described it as the first documented sighting
  • Hopeh's UFO

    Hopeh's UFO
    In Hopeh, China, an anonymous photograph showed a strange object on a street, which was later called Hopeh's UFO.
  • UFO persecution

    UFO persecution
    In Kentucky, USA, pilot Thomas Mantell died while chasing a UFO. He used to believe UFOs weren't real.
  • Abducted by aliens

    Abducted by aliens
    A couple (Betty and Barney Hill) said they had been abducted by aliens.
  • Real Humanoids

    Real Humanoids
    In Valensole, France, Maurice Masse saw two humanoids that paralyzed him with a tree branch, however, he confessed that sometimes He used to think It had been only a dream.
  • Big secret

    Big secret
    When Apollo 11 landed at the moon in 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin saw two very large mysterious things with a bright light, and they were watching them. The news was kept secret for several years by the government of the United States.
  • Wave of UFOs

    Wave of UFOs
    On the Brazilian island of Colares a wave of unidentified flying objects injured 37 people and forced them to evacuate the island. The army used to investigate the event untill they decided to stop the research.
  • Unidentifiable lights

    Unidentifiable lights
    At the airport of Manises, Valencia, a commercial airplane sighted unidentifiable lights.
  • Crashed plane?

    Crashed plane?
    In the United Kingdom, Rendlesham's residents described to have seen the landing of an unidentified flying object, which at first was classified as a crashed plane.
  • Coming from the sky

    Coming from the sky
    In San Gabriel de Varadero, Peru,a group of villagers said they saw triangular objects that descended to the surface leaving traces and emitting thunderous sounds.