U.S. History project

By lil193
  • Archduke Ferdinand isn't assassinated

    Archduke Ferdinand isn't assassinated
    yay! WWI doesn't happen.
  • WWI doesn't start

    WWI doesn't start
    no Great War here folks
  • Get your beer

    Get your beer
    There was no war, so people were much happier and weren't misery drinking as much so there was no need for the temperance movement.
  • Hitler goes to art school

    Hitler goes to art school
    Hitler never becomes fuhrer of the nazi party because the lack of the war happening altered timelines and made him actually okay at art. He was still weird tho.....
  • Mussolini gets assassinated

    Mussolini gets assassinated
    No dictatorship in Italy if there's no dictator... right? At his speech he is shot in the head by someone in the crowd but the suspect was never found.
  • Teatime with Bilbo

    Teatime with Bilbo
    J.R.R Tolkien still releases a debut novel, but instead of a quest for treasure reclaimed from Smaug, it is simply detailing Bilbo baggins cozy life.
  • WWII doesn't start

    WWII doesn't start
    There were no tensions around from WWI so everyone was chilling singing the sound of music and stuff.
  • No more big brother

    No more big brother
    George Orwell doesn't post a critique on the society around him, because he's actually rather content. He instead writes children's stories about talking houseware.
  • Queen Elizabeth replaced

    Queen Elizabeth replaced
    Elizabeth is never crowned because she had polio as a child. Instead her cousin becomes queen.
  • Tricky Dick loses

    Tricky Dick loses
    No Watergate here. Nixon got turned into a laughing stock
  • Jimmy Carter prevails

    Jimmy Carter prevails
    Carter becomes president but in this universe actually gets good stuff done
  • Live Aid

    Live Aid
    No WWI affected a lot, but live aid was basically the same and it was awesome.
  • Kurt lives!!

    Kurt lives!!
    Kurt Cobain realizes life is beautiful and decides to study occupational therapy.