U.S. History

By lukasb2
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase. The territory was purchased from France at $0.42 per acre. The total cost was $15 million.
  • Native Americans

    The Trail of Tears was first used in the 1830s to move Native Americans from their homes to a new place in the west. Many Native Americans died on the Trails of Tears (that's how it got the name "Trail of Tears." When somebosy died. People would cry. They were also upset that they were forced to leave their homes.
  • California Trail Established

    The California Trail was established today. This trail carried many gold-seeking people to California for the California Gold Rush.
  • California Gold Rush

    The Gold Rush begins today. People from all over the world move to California with the main objective being: find gold and make a fortune.
  • Prison Reform

    The prison reform movement begins. The person who started it all was a woman named Dorthea Dix. She discovered the unfair and cruel treatment of the prisoners when she went to teach them one day. The result was better treatment of prisoners, better penal system, and an asylum for the mentally challenged.