U.S. History: 1877-2008 by Antonio Greer

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    Early American History

    Before Civil War time when slavery and farming was a huge factor.
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    Civil War/Reconstruction

    When Lincoln was President and there was a war between north and South because terrible people(south) wanted slavery. Also factories were a huge thing
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    The Gilded age

    It was when people migrated and there was a lot of problems
    People were packed together in building and water was being infected.
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    The Progressive Era

    People were working at factories and people who invited things became rich.
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    A policy of extending power which a country hold and through military force or diplomacy influences it.
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    World War 1

    It was a global war started in Europe because the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Austria over 16 million soilders died
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    Roaring Twenties

    African American went to the south blue and jazz was invented and people were going crazy with their credit and living their best life’s. Night clubs and gambling became popular too.
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    Great Depression

    The bank took people money and didn’t give it back. Everyone went broke and had to live in Hoovervilles because they had no homes.
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    World War 2

    Hitler came to power took Jewish people and killed them and then everyone tried to stop him besides his allies countries who were natzis then hitler died
  • United Nations formed

    A group of world leader who come together and try to bring all the nations together or at least not tear each other apart.
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    Early cold War

  • Truman doctrine

    This helped countries from communism with some help from the military for economic help
  • 22 amendment

    No president can run after 2 terms which is 8 years
  • Berlin airlift

    The USSR block transportation to the west so the US sent supplies on planes to go over the boarder to the west side of Berlin
  • Marshall Plan

    Helping countries in Europe get back on their feet after world war 2
  • NATO established

    People were scared of the USSR so the US, Canada and some of west Europe made deal to protect each other from USSR
  • Sweatt v. Painter

    separate law school at the University of Texas failed to qualify as “separate but equal”
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    Civil Rights Era

  • Period: to

    Korean War

    North Korea wanted to take over South Korea but South Korea didn’t stand down and even got help from the US then they just stop right now there is a very long cease fire going on
  • Rosenberg trials

    Julis was accused of being a communist spy when he refused to give up any information they took his wife in nobody really tried to help them they were afraid of being called a communist so the trial was bias and they were executed.
  • First H-bomb detonated by the United States

    It was successful it was a thermonuclear weapon and the bomb was hydrogen
  • Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka

    It mandated desegregation
  • Hernandez v. Texas

    Mexican Americans get protected by 14th amendment
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    Veitnam War

  • Jonas Salk invents the Polio Vaccines

    He claimed he that he made a cure for the disease
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    Montgomery Bus Boycott after Rosa Parks’ arrest

    After Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white male a bus boycott was put in place to segregate who rides the bus
  • USSR launch’s Sputnik

    This was apart of the space race the USSR was the first to put a small space craft into space before the US which made the US jealous
  • Little Rock Nine integrated into an all white school in Little Rock AK

    A group of African American students were integrated into an all white school when they arrived they were yelled at and harassed. The principal at the time tried to block them but they got in anyways.
  • Bay of pigs in Cuba

    This was a failed landing which exposed Fidel Castro’s Revolution plan in Cuba
  • Berlin Wall built to prevent people from communist East Berlin

    The Wall was built to prevent people from communist East Berlin
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    The Soviet Union had missiles pointed at the US quarantine zone but it was a mistake and a misunderstanding which made the president of the US angry and ready to defend nothing happened though because it was resolved
  • Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream” speech at the March on Washington

    On this day thousands and thousands of people marched to Washington to watch Martin Luther King Jr. give a beautiful speech that moved hearts around the world
  • John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas

    JFK was riding in a motorcade when a bullet that came from a library struck him in the head
  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

    Undeclared war in Vietnam
  • Civil Rights Act

    Everyone must be treated equal no matter the differences
  • Voting rights Act

    Takes away literacy test
  • Medicare and Medicaid established

    Medicare and Medicaid was thing coming in the play
  • Tet Offensive

    North Vietnam attack South Vietnam cities
  • Martin Luther King jr. was assassinated

    Martin Luther King jr. was on his hotel balcony waving to people and taking to his friends when he was shot and killed
  • Civil rights Act

    Took discrimination out when renting a house
  • Title IX

    Took discrimination out of education
  • First Man on the moon

    JFK sent Armstrong to space to land on the moon and win space race
  • Tinker v. Des Moines

    Defined the 1st amendment at public schools
  • Period: to

    End of Cold War

    1.Containment was something to stop communism it was a plan from a policy
    2.The arm race and space race was basically the US and the USSR trying to one up another. Who has bigger weapons who can get to space first
    3.A state that was under dictatorship and socialist it was in the north
    4.Communism is basically a classless society no one is above one another but it doesn’t work because someone tries to take over
    5.The domino theory is like you did this in this country then other countries copy.
  • Pentagon papers leaked

    The press were distributed small pieces of the file released by a secutaty
  • 26th Amendment

    Voting age goes from 21 to 18
  • War Power Act

    Limit the sending of troops into battle for the president without approval from congress
  • Fall of Saigon marks end of Vietnam war

    Doung van Ming made a unconditional surrender
  • 24th amendment

    Abolished the poll tax
  • Period: to

    1990’s-21 century