The roaring 20s

Tyrek Huntley

  • Woodrow Wilsion Continues Progressive Movement

    Woodrow Wilsion Continues Progressive Movement
    Woodrow Wilson wins the election for the Democrats since the Repubkican party splits between Teddy's Bull Moose party and Tafts republicans.
  • The Great War Begins

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand is murdered by Serbia Black Hands.
    AH declares war on Serbia. Russia Declares war on AH. Germany Declares War on Russia and France. GB declares war on Germans. America remains Mutual
  • Lustiania Is sunk

    German U Boats Sink the British cruise ship killing 128 Americans Enraging yellow Journalist.
  • Married In Office

    President Wilson Marries Eddith Boilling Gaith
  • German U Boats continue Unrestricted warfare

    The Sussex pledge said US would have to stop Germans if they didn't Stop this warfare... Germans pause for now...
  • The Zimmerman Telegraph

    GB intercepts telegraph that reviels that Germany and Mexico have a possible Alliance when Germany promises all the land that was lost during the Spanish American war if they attack Us

    American Declares war on Germany and Joins the Great War
  • Congress pass Esponge and Sadition Acts

    These acts made it Illegal to Interfere with the operations of the military and refuse the draft or any form of antisupport of the war
  • Well Boddied Men Needed

    The Saditon act was Passed requiring every male age 21-35 to register with the draft.
  • Amristice

    The Unofficial end to the Great war
  • 18 Amendment

  • 19th Amendment

    Woman Sufferage pays off
  • Influnza is at a all time high in Americas

  • The Great War is Over

    Treaty of versaille is signed exactly 5 years after the assisanation of the Archduke
  • Warren G Hardding

    Warren G Hardding
    1st President Sworn in with the help of the Women Warren G Hardding was a Republican who succeeded Woodrow Wilsion
  • The Emegancy Quota Act

    Adding a restriction on the number of certian immagrants will be accpted annually
  • President refuses to join the leauge of nations

  • Teapot Dome Scandle Errupts

    Revealing secretes from the presidents cabinet aka the Ohio Gang
  • Capper-volstead Act Passed

    Helped finace farmers who were entering depression after feeding the world during WW1
  • Presidents Heart Gives Out

    Warren G Harding Dies of Cerebral Hemorrhage. America Morns a good mans death. Harding will go down as one of the worst presidents to take office.
  • Vice President Sworn in as 30th President

    Vice President Sworn in as 30th President
    Calvin Coolidge takes office after the death.

    21st Amendment Repeales 18th amendment
  • Keep Cool With Coolidge

    Keep Cool With Coolidge
    Calvin Coolidge wins his own election as the Republican canadite
  • The Revenue Act

    Lowered War Time act
  • Electricty innovations

  • First TransAlantic Flight

    Charles Lindbergh made the first non-stop transatlantic flight across the Atlantic from New York City to Paris
  • The Hawley-Smoot Tariff

    Highered taxes higher than ever before, in retaliation other countries Raised there tarrifs also worstening the effects of the depression
  • First Motion Picture

    Al Joslon The Jazz Singer was the first film that stepped out the door of the Silent era
  • Great Depression

    It was a time of most terrible hardship when more than 10,000,000 Americans were unemployed
  • 31st President Herbert Hoover

    31st President Herbert Hoover
    Herbert Hoover wins the 1928 election to succeed Coolidge, to continue the recent Republican Party domination of the house
  • Kellog Brand Treaty

    The US recognizes Chiang Kai-shek's nationalist government of China and signs a tariff treaty with the Chinese.
  • I Dont Run

    Calvin Coolidge has sense not to run for president in the 1928 election
  • Black Tuesday

    The Stock Market Crash of 1929, also known as Black Tuesday and the Wall Street Crash, began in late October 1929 following a boom on the stock market which enticed many ordinary Americans to invest their entire savings in stocks and shares. Billions of dollars were lost in a single day and had dire consequences on the nation thanks to
  • Bonus Army

    In the darkest days of the Depression, thousands of unemployed World War I veterans marched to the capital city, looking to Congress for an advance on the bonus compensation promised to them years earlier.
  • Attacking The Vets

    The veterans camped on government property and President Hoover ordered the army to clear out the veterans, their camp was set ablaze and tear gas was released under the command of General Douglas MacArthur
  • The Lame Duck Amendment

    20th Amendement
  • Franklin Wins

    Franklin Wins
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (5th Cousin of Teddy) wins 32nd Presidency
  • New Deal In Action

    Franklins Plan to climb out of the depression

    21st amendment repeals the 18th amendment ALL HAIL FDR...
  • Social Security Act

    An Important element to the New Deal granted assistance to the unemployed elderly and the handicaped
  • Franklin Wins

    Franklin Wins
    The Democratic Canidite wins a second Term
  • Pack The Court

    Roosevelt introduces the court packing plan to help the supreme court to become more efficent. The republicans thought that Roosevelt was trying to quite those who opposed his new deal

    WW2 starts as Hitlerand his Nazi germans invade polish neigbors
  • FDR x3

    FDR x3
    Franklin is the 1st president to win 3 straight Presidential Elections.
  • Aid To The Allies

    Lend-lease Act was passed by congress than abled the president to send finiacial and weaponry aid to the Allied powers America remains neutral
  • Pearl Harbor

    Japan Bomb our Harbor in Hawaii causing US to enter the war
  • Japanize Interment camps

    The President signs Executive Order 9066, imprisoning many Japanese-Americans living on American soil
  • Battle Of Midway

    The Battle of Midway: US victory in the Battle of Midway when American planes defeat a Japanese fleet on its way to invade the Midway Islands
  • yeah yeah yeah Franklin wins Whatever

    yeah yeah yeah Franklin wins Whatever
    Franklin D Roosevelt wins 4th straight election even with noticable health issuses
  • D-Day

    marked the date when nearly 3 million Allied soldiers invaded France
  • Allies Are Forcing Retreat on the Western Front

    Operation Market-Garden and the Battle of the Bulge.
  • The Sad End of The FDR Reign

    The Sad End of The FDR Reign
    Cerebral Hemorrage claims its second president in office. Harry Truman was prepared to take office the same day
  • Hitler Took a Dose of his own medicine

    Hitler killed himself by overdosing on Cydinde rather than be taken captive by incoming allies
  • Germany Surrenders

  • 22nd Amendment

    Amendment was ratified by the states limiting the number of terms a president can have to 2 terms