Twitter Timeline

  • March 21 2006, Jack Dorsey, San Francisco CA

    March 21 2006, Jack Dorsey, San Francisco CA
  • Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Noah glass,Biz Stone

    They created the website to be able to send short messages to people
  • Twitter created the website and app called twitter

    It enables you to send 140 character messages to people, It allows you to watch videos read article and more.
  • Twitters owned companys

    Twitter has bought 53 company including zeropunch, fastlane and more,
  • Twitters greatest accomplishments

    One of twitters greatest accomplishments is sending the first tweet on march 21 2016.
  • IPO

    Twitter announces that they will go public on the stock market.
  • Twitters And a buyout

    Twitter may be buyout
  • Apples twitter

    Apples twitter account leaked the new iphone
  • Trump

    Donald trump and Mexico president are fighting on twitter
  • twitter gets a new sponser

    periscope sponsers twitter
  • They grew 1,000,000 tweets in none year

  • In another year they had 65 million post a day