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T.V Broadcasting 1920 forward

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    T.V Broadcasting

    How T.V broadcasting has progressed.
  • First Experimental Broadcast

    John Logie Baird broadcasted a picture of the Maltese Cross. It was a mechanical system, with a 30 lines resolution.
  • First Regular T.V Broadcasts

    German government began a national service. It was the first non-experimental public television broadcast.
  • First Public demonstration

    Don Lee Broadcasting system begins a public demonstration of CRT television with daily broadcasts with 300 line pictures using the Harry Lubcke's system.
  • First regular Broadcasts in UK

    The first scheduled television broadcasts in the UK started. (The Baird and EMI systems were rotated on a daily basis until February 4, 1937, when the EMI system was adopted, and Baird's was stoped.)
  • Regular Broadcasts in USA

    The first regularly scheduled television broadcasts in the USA started in LA.
  • First commercial TV licenses were issued

    The first commercial TV licenses were issued to WCBW and WNBT , New York City. (On September 1, 1941, KYW-TV, Philadelphia became the third licensed station for commercial operation.)
  • First Regular Colour T.V broadcasting

    When monochrome broadcasts became common, CBS and RCA went to war with different colour broadcasting systems. Baird had demonstrated a color system as early as 1928. CBS, which proposed its Field Sequential System in 1940, fought its way through the courts, received approval for color broadcasts.
  • NBC go colour

    In the 1960's RCA colour began to take hold, and in the summer of 1966, NBC went all colour geting rid of the peacock opening in early 1975.
  • HD TV starts

    WRAL-HD starts broadcasting the first HD T.V.
  • Stations signed off

    It turned out, less than 15% of stations went off. With more then 6500 translators and Low Power TV stations still running in June 2009, analog to digital conversion is work in progress.