Tunisian revolution

Tunisian Revolution

By kml4465
  • how the protests were calmed

    how the protests were calmed
    wikin response to 11 January protests police used riot gear to disperse protesters ransacking buildings, burning tires, setting fire to a bus and burning two cars in Tunis. The protesters Were yelling"We are not afraid, we are not afraid, we are afraid only of God." Military personnel were also deployed in many cities around the country.
  • Escalating Protests

    Escalating Protests
    riotOn 3 January 2011, protests in Thala over unemployment and a high cost of living turned violent. At a gathering of 250 people, in support of the protesters in Sidi Bouzid, police fired tear gas; In response, the protesters were reported to have set fire to tyres and attacked the office of Constitutional Democratic Rally.
  • Backround

    wikiAnother cause for the uprising has been attributed to the The privacy of the Tunisian government from being able to censor information from reaching the Tunisian people, such as information from WikiLeaks describing rampant corruption in the Tunisian government. This has caused the outbreak of many citizens to become concerned
  • lawyers on strike and continuing protests

    lawyers on strike and continuing protests
    wiki<a Tunisia's 8,000 lawyers went on strike, according to the leader of the national association. He said "The strike carries a clear message that we do not accept unjustified attacks on lawyers. We want to strongly protest against the beating of lawyers in the past few days. It was reported on the following day that teachers had also joined the strike.
  • President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali

    President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
    Wikipedia backround.President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali had ruled Tunisia since 1987. His government was in favor for foreign investment. This did not please the people of Tunisia. Media from all around the world critized his government. As a result the actions by the president did not amuse france and the U.S. This made the decisions very rare to make headlines.
  • Starting Riots

    Starting Riots
    wikipedia protestsBefore 2010 riots in tunisia were never a big thing. there would be an average of about 2-4 riots about small things, but never anything politicaly huge as this. in 2010 this first major riot broke out in the streets of tunisia. The protesters had gathered outside regional government headquarters to demonstrate against the treatment of Mohamed Bouazizi.This would be the start to a global conflict that would affect many.
  • ALis Departure

    ALis Departure
    videohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunisian_revolution' >wiki</a>Though the countless protests followed Bouazizi's retire led to the departure of Ben Ali, protests also continued after his departure in demanding his party be removed from government. Some more minor protests followed the cabinet reshuffle. A cabinet reshuffle is where the goverment will switch jobs with one another. This caused the people of Tunisia to become angry toward ben alis departure.
  • the start of the revolution

    the start of the revolution
    videowiki<a The Tunisian Revolution was an campaign of civil resistance, including a series of street protests taking place in Tunisia.The events began in December 2010 and led to the ousting of longtime President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in January 2011 eventually leading to a thorough democratization of the country.
  • Prime minister

    Prime minister
    wikiOn 27 January 2011 Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi announced that six former members of the politcal party had left the interim government. the people were Defence Minister, Foreign Minister, Finance Minister and Interior Minister. Apart from the prime minister, the new government retained just two ministers from Ben Ali's old government
  • following the presidents departure

    following the presidents departure
    wiki Following Ben Ali's departure, a state of emergency was declared. The Constitutional Court declared Fouad Mebazaa as acting president under Article 57 of the Constitution. A temporary coalition government was also created, including members of Ben Ali's party, the Constitutional Democratic Rally.