true grit, charles portis, fiction; 235

  • pages 11-25

    in these pages is where the main charecters are introduced. there is also where it tells the events that led up to the girls father being shot and murdered in cold blood, total pages 14
  • pages 25-44

    the girl now knows who the murderer is and is on a huny for him. she has sent her farm worker back home to care for her father at her funarell, while she is out by her self looking for fathers muderer so she can get revenge. total pages33
  • pages 44-65

    there was a court ordering with a marshal and a outlaw. the outlaws was testifing for his died from that the marshal killed. total pgs.55
  • pages 66-82

    the girl in the story is trying to look for somebody with a grit to help her find the man who murderd her father. she did find one and is playing him a good price. total pgs.81
  • pages 82-98

    somebody eles is looking for the killer to and he trys to make a deal with madyalne but it doesnt work out and she goes on her way with what she was going to do. total pgs. 96
  • pages 98-116

    this is where she goes on here trip with the grit man but somehow the man that she ran into early trying to stop her and not let her go but shr finds a way to successsful get with the group than she countues with them on they way tp find the killer. total-114
  • pages 116-131

    they are still looking for the murderer. they come to this hideout wiht other bandits in it one tells them other bandits plans she one of them jumps after him and he egts shot and he adventuly bleeds to death total-129
  • pages 142-152

    they find bandits they are looking to steal horses. they try and ambush them but the plan goes wrong and they end up killing 2 out of 6 but the other 4 gets away. total-139
  • pages 152-160

    the riders set off after having their battel with the banits. the texan and the marshall have a talk about when roster was in the war.
  • pages 160-176

    when the riders found town they stoped in and turned in all of the jewls and money the bandits had on them and tunred them in. they had stayed thier for a few days and took off after have a little breakfast looking for there main targat tom chaney, tatal-163
  • pages 177-191

    the little girl had found tom chaney and had shot him right in the ribs but with her gun miss firing thje next 2 shoots she could not kill him so he rangled her up and took her back up to the other bandits he was with and they thretend the marshall with her life and he play a bluff saying he did not care for her but only his head total-179
  • pages 192-214

    the little girl was now left with tom chaney scared for her life thinks he was gonna kill her but he did not in fact the texan come up and saved her but they where stuck roster was down in a field and he was off kiiling the other bandits and he did so except one of them. lucky ned, lucky ned almost killed roster until the texan made a 600 yard shot that killed hiim. the little girl had also shot and killed tom chaney. total-201
  • pages 215-224

    they had gotten revegned her father and payed thier respects and went all there spereate way. roster died many years later and the little girl burred him in her back yard with her father. total-224