Trojan War

  • Conflict among goddesses

    Conflict among goddesses
    In being awarded the “golden apple,” Aphrodite was meant to bring forth the most beautiful woman. In this case it was Helen. When Aphrodite tried to bring her, she had already been married.
  • Abduction of Helen

    Abduction of Helen
    Paris had set to abduct Helen because she was already married to Menelaus. Helen supposedly fell in love with Paris
  • Rescuing Helen

    When Menelaus finds out that Helen is gone, he tried to create an army to bring her back. This was a big mess because Achilles and Odysseus avoid this. They both get caught and therefore had to join the army.
  • A plague struck in tenth year

    The Trojan War went on for years and years. In the tenth year when everything was at its peak, a plague hit. This caused lots of outrage and heat in the war.
  • Patroclus fights for Achilles

    Patroclus was a good friend of Achilles’ and wished he would fight the war because he found turn it all around. Achilles didn’t want to do instead Patroclus decided to take action and fight on behalf of Achilles. Patroclus ended up being killed because one of the enemies thought he was actually Achilles.
  • Hector is killed

    Hector is killed
    After Patroclus died, Achilles was very sad about it and ended up going to a one on one fight with Hector. He eventually killed him. Achilles then dishonored the body by dragging it around in a belt until a god told him to bring it back to where it belongs.
  • The Achilles Heel

    The Achilles Heel
    Soon after Achilles killed Hector, Achilles also died. This is when people found out that he wasn’t actually immortal. His heel was actually the one thing to be completely dry when his mother tried to confer immortality in him.
  • End of an era

    After Achilles died, the Trojans wanted all they could have to show they won. They even wanted to award the next hero. They were honored to call Odysseus their next great hero.
  • The Arrow of Hercules

    To end the Trojan war, it was said to get one of Hercules’ bows and shoot the Trojan prince. This is exactly what the Archaens did. With one scratch they had killed Paris after all.
  • Odysseus Returns

    Odysseus Returns
    Finally the Trojan war ends when they figure out how to end it by the wooden horse. Archaens had a deadly trip home while everyone else feasted and drank to the night.