Trip through the 70's

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    70's time

  • Mai Lei Massacre

    Mai Lei Massacre
    pictureWikiThe My Lei Massacre was murder of between 347 to 504 unarmed civilians. 26 soldiers were charged with these crimes but only one, William Calley, was convicted.
  • Kent State shooting-

    Kent State shooting-
    picturewikiThe shooting took place in Kent, Ohio during a riot. Four students were killed, nine were injured, one of them paralyzed.
  • Palestinian group hijacks five planes

    Palestinian group hijacks five planes
    picturewiki Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijack five planes going to New York, wanting the release of Palestinian prisoners imprisoned in Israel. Only one hostage was injured but one of the hijackers was killed in the process.
  • VCR introduced

    VCR introduced
    wikiU-matic is an analog recording cassette format first shown by Sony in prototype in October 1969, and introduced to the market in September 1971. It was among the first video formats to contain the videotape inside a cassette, as opposed to the various Reel-to-Reel or open-reel formats of the time.
  • Disney Land Opens

    Disney Land Opens
    webpageAfter seven years of planning, about 10,000 visitors came together near Orlando, Florida to see the grand opening of Disney World.
  • London Bridge brought to US

     London Bridge brought to US
    wikiMcCulloch had exterior granite blocks from the original bridge numbered and transported to America, to construct the present bridge in Lake Havasu City, a planned community he established in 1964 on the shore of Lake Havasu. The bridge was completed in 1971.
  • George Wallace shot while camping

    George Wallace shot while camping
    picturewikiGeorge Wallace was shot five times by Arthur Bremer while campaigning in Laurel, Maryland.
  • Terrorist attack at the Olympics in Munich

    Terrorist attack at the Olympics in Munich
    wikiMembers of the Israeli team were taken hostage and killed at the summer Olympics in Munich, Germany by the Palestinian group, “Black September”.
  • M*A*S*H premieres

    M*A*S*H premieres
    picturewikiThe show is about medical personnel who are stationed at a Mobil Army Surgical Hospital (that is where the name MASH came from) during the Korean War but the subtext is about the Vietnam War.
  • Abortion legalized

    Abortion legalized
    picture[picwikiAbortion was legalized when the Supreme Court ruled that a woman has the right to control what happens with her body within the first trimester.
  • Sears Tower built

    Sears Tower built
    picturewikiThe Willis Tower (formerly named the Sears Tower), is 108 stories tall and 1451 feet tall. It was America’s tallest building in 1973 and it’s in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Endangered species act

    Endangered species act
    picturewikiThis was a law designed to help critically endangered species from extinction. This includes fish, wildlife, and plants. The law was signed in by Richard Nixon.
  • Patty Hearst kidnapped

    Patty Hearst kidnapped
    picturewikiHearst was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army on Feb. 4th 1974. The group wanted to start guerilla war against the U.S government.
  • Girl are allowed to play Little League baseball

    Girl are allowed to play Little League baseball
    picturewikiGirls are officially allowed to play in the little league program, a softball program is created for both girls and boys.
  • U.S president resigns

    U.S president resigns
    picturewikiRichard Nixon was the first president to resign in U.S history. He got several men that worked for him to and sent them to the National Democratic Headquarters to find information on the democrats.
  • Microsoft founded

    Microsoft founded
    picturewikiPaul Allen and Bill Gates founded Microsoft on April 4th 1975. Gates was the CEO and Allen came up with name for the program
  • President Ford (2) assassination attempts

    President Ford (2) assassination attempts
    picture1) When Ford went to shake her hand, Lynette Fromme, drew her pistol. Luckily there were no bullets in the firing chambers. 2) In San Francisco, Sara Jane Moore, shot at Ford from forty feet away. A bystander grabbed her before she shot, therefore she missed Ford. She was then later sentenced to life.
  • Francisco Franco dies

    Francisco Franco dies
    picturewikiFranco had fallen ill but quickly went back to office before he fell into a coma and had to be put on life support. He died at midnight, age 82.
  • Apple computer launched

    Apple computer launched
    picturewikiApple inc. was established by Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayde. The first computers lacked several things such as a keyboard, monitor, and a case.
  • Red dye #2 is banned

    Red dye #2 is banned
    picturewikiRed dye #2 was used in cosmetics and food coloring, it was banned because of many effects it could have on humans (too many to name).
  • Entebbe Air Raid

    Entebbe Air Raid
    picturewikiAn air France plane was taken hostage by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. 248 passengers were aboard the plane and when they landed, all non-Israeli s’ were released (except one French citizen).
  • New York Blackout

    New York Blackout
    wikipictureThe New York City blackout was a huge electric blackout. The only part that was not affected was southern Queens and neiborhoods of Rockaways.
  • Elvis found dead

    Elvis found dead
    picturewikiElvis was found dead in his home ( Graceland) at age 42. He was "pronounced dead" at the scene.
  • First black Miss Universe

    First black Miss Universe
    wikipicturepicturewikiThe first black Miss Universe was Janelle Comissiong from Trinidad and Tabago.
  • Atlantic City permits gambling

    Atlantic City permits gambling
    picturewikiIn an effort to replenish the city, New Jersey voters approved gambling in casinos. The first legal casino was opened in 1978.
  • First tube baby born

    First tube baby born
    picturewikiLouise Brown was the first test tube baby. Her mother faced issues because she had blocked fallopian tubes and could not conceive a child. Brown lived as a normal person with no complications.
  • Jones Town massacre

    Jones Town massacre
    wikiA “preacher” , James Warren Jones, created a cult out of what was supposed to be a church located in the middle of a South American jungle. The people decided to “preserve their church’ by killing themselves. Jones shot himself in the head.
  • ESPN brodcasts

    ESPN brodcasts
    picturewikiESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) is a show consisted of sports-related content. It was founded by Scott and Bill Rasmussen.
  • Greensboro massacre

    Greensboro massacre
    picturewikiFive protesters (civil rights activists) were shot and killed by the Klu Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party.
  • Iran takes American hostages in Tehran

    Iran  takes American hostages in Tehran
    picturewikiIranian students and militarists took American hostages for 444 days. They wanted the Shah to return to Iran.