Tricky Dick

  • Birth

    In Yorba Linda to Frank and Hannah
  • Period: to

    Attended College

    First attended whittier then Duke
  • Marriage

    Nixon marries Thelma
  • Moves to DC

    Moves to DC
    Joins an agency that regulates war time prices and oversees rationing
  • Elected to congress

    Elected to congress
  • Nixon is elected as senator of California

    serves for three years
  • nominated for Vice Pres

  • elected as Vice President

    Won with Eisenhower
  • Reelected Eisenhower

    Becomes Vice again
  • Recieves Republican nomination for president

  • Period: to

    Kennedy-Nixon Debates

  • Loses the election

    Loses the election
  • Republican nominee (again)

    Republican nominee (again)
  • Gets Elected

    Gets Elected
    Becomes the 37th president
  • Watergate

  • Nixon resigns