Triassic Timetoast Project.

  • Pangea Forms

    By the start of the Triassic, all Earth's landmasses collided together to form a massive supercontinent called Pangea.
  • Permian Extinction Survivors

    The organisms that survived the Permian extinction spread and recolonized.
  • The Permian Extinction Event

    A mass extinction at the end of the Permian Period killed 96% of all species. Millions of year passed before the number and diversity of living things began to rise again, starting the Triassic Period.
  • Period: to

    The Triassic Period Occurs over 50 my

  • Ocean Life Evolves

    The coiled-shelled amonites, mollusks, and sea urchins survived the Permian extinction and quickly colonized and diversified. The first coral evolved, even though reef-building organisms already existed. Microsopic plants and plankton first appeared.
  • Reptiles Evolve

    Petrosaurs (flying reptiles), frogs, salamanders, snakes, and crocodiles made their first appearance during the Triassic period.
  • Gymnosperms Became Common

    Although gymnosperms evolved during the Permian period, fossil records show that gymnosperms became common during the Triassic. Some gymnosperms include conifers, cycads, and ginkoes. Moss, liverwort, and ferns also appeared.
  • Sea Urchins

    Sea urchins called Arkarua first appeared.
  • Evolutionary Split Between Dinosaurs and Lizards

    Dinosaurs and lizards were evolving, and began to seperate because they evolved differently from one another.
  • First Dinosaurs Evolve

    Many types of reptiles evolved, and the first dinosaurs were among them.
  • Proto-Mammal

    Adelobasileus, a kind of proto-mammal emerged 225 mya.
  • Lepidosauromorpha in the Fossil Record

    The Lepidosauromorpha was first known in the fossil record during the Carnian stage in the late epoch of the Triassic period.
  • Early Turtles

    The earliest turtles like proganochelys appeared during the Norian stage in the late Triassic epoch.
  • Meteor Impact

    A meteor hit Earth which resulted in an 100 meter crater in Manicouagan, Quebec, Canada.
  • Fist Mammals Evolve

    Late in the Triassic, the first mammals evolved from a surviving froup of mammal-like reptiles. Triassic mammals such as Megasostrodon, were small, rodent-like animals.
  • Triassic-Jurassic Extinction Event

    At the end of the Triassic period, an extinction event occured along with large volcanic eruptions. This event greatly efected life in the oceans' 22% of marine families and half of the marine genera went extinct.
  • Pangea begins to split apart

    Towards the end of the Triassic, Pangea began to split apart slowy. The split began as Sfrica pulled away from North and South America