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Transformations Around the Globe

  • Monroe Doctrine Reflects special US interests in America

    Monroe Doctrine Reflects special US interests in America
    The Monroe Doctrrine, Created by US president james monroe, states that american continents are off limits to European powers.
  • China and Britain Clash in the Opium War

    China and Britain Clash in the Opium War
    The british refuse to stop trading opium with the Chinese, but the chinese are findign that many chinse people are becomming addicted to the drug. Britian easily won the battle because it was fought at sea, mostly, and the british steam ships were much more advanced than the outdated ships of the Chinese. This gave Britain Hong Kong, after china signed a peace treaty, the treaty of Najing.
  • Commodore Perry Enteres Tokyo Harbor

    Commodore Perry Enteres Tokyo Harbor
    Perry arrives in tokyo with overwhelming ships and cannons that shock the Japanese. The japanese acceptted the letter that perry had from the united states to the shogun, requesting a free trade between the nations. He delivered it with a trheat; and said that he would be back in a year iwth a stronger force to recieve the reply of the Japnese. The reply was the treaty of Kanagawa, and under its terms, two ports were opened in japan wich the US could then take on supplies from.
  • US wins spanish American War

    US wins spanish American War
    the spanish american war started when Cuba failed to gain independence from Spain, but the cubans were not discouraged. They kept fighting, with the help of the Americans, because the americans had businesss in Cuba and the monroe doctrine stated that the American continents were off limitse from European powers. The war lasted four months .
  • Mexican Revolution Begins

    Mexican Revolution Begins
    Madero, a wealthy Mexican, was educated in the US and france. He beleveived in democracy and wanted a stronger one in MExoc. He was arrested after announcing his canidacy for president early in 1910. From exile in the Uniteds states, Madero called for a revoultion, an armed one, against Diaz. Leaders such as pancho villa, emilia zapata, who raised a powerful army, ermerged. The revoultion soon began.
  • Panama Canal Opens

    Panama Canal Opens
    the untied states helped panama gain indeoendence from Colombia, and the panma csnal was created, with challanges of avoiding being infected with disease from the misquitos that carried yellow fever and malariaj. Many workers died during the building of the canal, It finally openedc in 1914 Ships aroudn the world began to use it, and it became a world wide water way for trade,