Transformation of America Project

  • Homestead Act

    Homestead Act
    Opened the West for settlement by individual farmers
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Chinese Exclusion Act
    An act that stopped Chinese immigrants from staying in the U.S and suspended workers as well. It was signed by Chester A. Aurthur.
  • Urban Development

    Urban Development
    Cities with many inhabitants move outside the city center to avoid overcrowding. It continued to the 1880's
  • Immigrants Helping Urbanization

    Immigrants Helping Urbanization
    Immigrants from the South and Southeastern Europe provided workers and consumers for burgeoning urban marketplaces
  • Settlement Movement

    Settlement Movement
    Reformist movement that tried to get the rich to share knowledge and culture with people that have lower-income. It started peaking around the 1920's
  • Plessy vs. Ferguson

    Plessy vs. Ferguson
    Based on this case, the Supreme Court ruled that everyone is "separate but equal." Meaning that blacks and whites are segragated but have the same rights.