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Toussaint Louverture

  • Toussaint Louverture is born

    Toussaint Louverture is born
    Toussaint Louverture is born in Saint Domingue.
  • Toussaint Louverture becomes free

    Toussaint Louverture becomes free
    Toussaint Louverture is freed of slavery at the age of 33.
  • Toussaint Gets Married

    Toussaint Louverture married Suzanne Simone Baptiste Louverture, who was either his godfather's daughter or cousin.
  • Period: to

    The Haitian Rebellion

    Toussaint Louverture fights in the slave rebellion and is a key figure in diplomatic talks with French officials.
  • Toussaint joins France

    Toussaint joins France
    Toussaint Louverture, learning that France has abolished slavery, Becomes loyal to France.
  • Toussaint ousts Villate

    Toussaint Louverture and Saint-Domingue insurrect Villate
  • Sonthanax comes

    Sonthanax, a commissioner sent from France, comes to Saint-Domingue
  • Toussaint forces Sonthanax to leave

    Toussaint Louverture forcibly deports Sonthanax from the island
  • Toussaint signs treaty with Britain

    Toussaint Louverture signs a treaty with British general Thomas Maitland
  • Toussaint signs treaty with U.S.

    Toussaint Louverture sings a treaty with John Adams before France and the U.S. go to war.
  • Period: to

    Civil war

    Toussaint Louverture and Andre Rigaud fight in a civil war, ending with Rigaud fleeing to Guadaloupe
  • Napoleon passes constitution

    Napoleon passes a constitution that says that the colonies are subject to "special laws" and forbade toussaint to invade Spanish Santo Domingo
  • Toussaint invades Spanish territory

    Toussaint and Tyanchite Moise invade Spanish Santo Domingo against Napoleon's orders and took control of the entire island
  • Toussaint declares Constitution of 1801

    Toussaint sends the Constitution of 1801 he created, which gave France no benifits, to Napoleon.
  • Napoleon sends troops to Saint-Domingue

    Napoleon sends a campaign of 20,000 men to Saint-Domingue to seize control of the island and possibly restore slavery
  • Louverture signs treaty with Leclerc

    After much fighting and destruction, Toussaint and Leclerc signed a peace treaty, and Louverture retired.
  • Toussaint is arrested

    Toussaint Louverture is arrested by Jean-Baptiste Brunet
  • Tossaint Louverture dies

    Toussaint dies in prison at the age of 70.