Top 10 Events that Shaped American History

  • The Signing of the Declaration of Independence

    (#2 most important) When the Declaration of Independence was signed, the thirteen colonies were now free from British rule. After this, we were our own country with our own way of government. If the Declaration of Independence was never created or signed, the United Sates would not exist.
  • Louisana Purchase

    (#1 most important) The Louisiana Purchase was very important to American history becasue it more than doubled the United States. The Louisiana Purchase also led to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The most important part of the Louisiana Purchase was providing access to the Mississippi River and the port of New Orleans.
  • Civil War

    (#3 most important) The Civil War shaped American history because it was the United States only civil war. Many problems that came about, were settled after the civil war, like slavery. After the north had won and slavery was abolished, blacks were one step closer to becoming equal. The Civil War also picked up economic growth because the work force became equal by the 1900's. In my opinion, the Civil War had an impact on the Industrial Revolouton.
  • Assassination of Lincoln

    (#8 most important) Abraham Lincolns death was important in history becuase he was the very first president to ever be assassinated. Though the north was saddened and mourning, the south was joyed that the "Devil Lincoln" was gone. After Lincoln died, the north and the south came together and united as one again.
  • Invention of the Telephone

    (#10 most important) The telephone opened up the United Sates to the new world of communication. "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you" are the famous and very first words to be spoken into a working telephone. The telephone has made communication much easier, even today. Instead of driving or writing to a friend or relative, you could call them using the telephone, which was much faster.
  • Creation of the Assembly Line

    (#7 most important) The invention of the assembly line definately sped up production in the early 1900's. One person would learn how to build one part of the product, and it would go down the line for others to assemble their piece(s) instead of mass producing. The assembly made the U.S. economy extremely efficient, especially in respect to automobiles.
  • World War II

    (# 4 most important) World War II was very important to American history becasue with all the war needs, pleople got back to work, getting us out of the depression. Women also got a lot more rights too. Women were taken out of homes and put into factories and out on baseball fields.
  • Manhattan Project

    (#5 most important) The Manhattan Project was important to American history because it created the very first nuclear bomb. Nuclear power was also also invented because of the Manhattan Project. When the U.S. dropped Little Boy and Fat Man, we stopped Japan from taking control of Asia.
  • First Man on the Moon

    (# 9 most important) When NASA's Apollo 11 finally landed on the moon, it proved to all Americans that we can achieve great things, In order for NASA to succeed, they had to do something that others called impossible. we reached the moon. Reaching the moon has opened up many opportunities such as discovering new planets.
  • The Attacks on 9/11

    (#6 most important) The attacks on September 11th will forever be remembered in history. This event made America realise that safety should always be a top concern. After the attacks, Americans had to recover, and in order to do that, we had to unite as one.