Top 10 events of ww1

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  • Franz Ferdinand is Assassinated

    Franz Ferdinand is Assassinated
    Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand is Assassinated along with his wife on their way to visit Sarajevo. This was generally accepted by historians as the main cause of ww1, but not all agree because apparantly there had been problems building beforehand.
  • German support for Austria

    German support for Austria
    Kaiser William II of Germany promises support for their Austrian allies against Serbia.
  • Austria declares war!

    Austria declares war!
    Because the assassination was commited by Serbs, Austrians were furious and declares war on Serbia.
  • Germany declares war on the Russians!

    Germany declares war on the Russians!
    Germany declares war on the Russians, because they are compeled to defend Serbia.
  • The Scheifflen plan

    The Scheifflen plan
    Germans declared war on France and put their plan into effect~ the invasion of Belgium, part of their Scheifflen Plan. The Plan was intended to bring about a fast victory for Germany in the event of a two-front war. It concentrated on using the differences in the amount of time neighboring countries would need to prepare for war. The Belgium army was swept aside easily enough but the French held off the German forces. With the failure of the Schleiffen Plan, trench warfare started.
  • Britian declares war on Germany

    Britian declares war on Germany
    Britain joins its French and Russian allies in declaring war on Germany.
  • Russians Defeated!

    Russians Defeated!
    The Russian and German armies battled in the East of Prussia at the begining of the war. This battle is considered one of the most clean-cut German victories throughout the war but, the Russian distraction in the east played a part in the failure of the Schleiffen Plan.
  • Battle of the Marne

    Battle of the Marne
    Casualties from the battle were high on both sides. The French lost about 250,000 soldiers, as did the Germans. The BEF lost about 13,000 men as well. This battle signifies the beginning of trench warfare that would occur in ww1, which would be dominant throughout the rest of the war. The French managed to save Paris. The German's Schleiffen Plan had failed.
  • Turkey Enters the War on Germany's Side

    Turkey Enters the War on Germany's Side
    Turkey Enters the War on the German's side
  • First Zeppelin Raid in ww1

    First Zeppelin Raid in ww1
    Zepplins were a relatively new technology to the ww1 time period. The models built in 1914 had five machine guns and could carry 4,400 lbs. of bombs. This particular raid took place over the east coast of England. Yarmouth and King's Lynn were both bombed.
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