Top 10 Events IN Canadian History

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    Top Canadian Events

  • The 7 years war.

    The 7 years war.
    The 7 years war was a global conflict that pitted a coalition of great Britain and its ally's against its allies against a coalition of France and its allies.
    It has a large impact on Canada and it laid the bicultural foundations of modern Canada.
    And i beleive that is in the top 10 because it helped form Canada in its early stages.,bicultural%20foundations%20of%20modern%20Canada.
  • The Battle of the Plains of Abraham

    The Battle of the Plains of Abraham
    The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was also known as the Battle of Quebec. It was a crucial event in the Seven Years' War and the history of Canada. It was a British invasion force led by General James Wolfe that was able to win against the French troops under the Marquis de Montcalm.
    It was one of the most important events in Canadian History.
    It was a go ahead victory that eventually gave the English the power to take over Canada.
  • Battle Of Queenston Heights.

    Battle Of Queenston Heights.
    The Battle of Queenston Heights was fought during the War of 1812 on 13 October 1812. One of the most famous battles of the war, the Battle of Queenston Heights was the struggle for a portion of the Niagara escarpment overlooking Queenston, where more than 1,000 American soldiers crossed into Upper Canada.
    It was a battle that made Americans lose morale and was an important win for Canadians that helped us defend our country.
  • Abolition Of The Slavery Act

    Abolition Of The Slavery Act
    The Slavery Abolition Act came into effect on 1 August 1834, abolishing slavery throughout the British Empire, including British North America. The Act made enslavement officially illegal in every province and freed the last remaining enslaved people in Canada.
    I think it was a major event in Canada that made people more accepted and safe. I think that it made Canada one of the freest countries in the world.
    Slavery Abolition Act, 1833 Encyclopedia
  • Confederation

    Confederation was the joining of multiple colonies that joined Canada together to make it the country that it is today.
    It was very important because it helped bring unity to our country and make Canada a very large country, and make it one whole. (,a%20sweeping%20outburst%20of%20nationalism.)
  • First Election Post Confederation

    First Election Post Confederation
    This was a very significant event in Canadian History because it meant that Canadians had the right to vote for who they wanted to lead their country. The person that got elected was John A McDonald, of the conservative party.
    This was a large part of our independence and freedoms.,spanned%20almost%20half%20a%20century.
  • Last Spike Driven For CPR.

    Last Spike Driven For CPR.
    A ceremonial final spike was driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) at Craigellachie, British Columbia.
    It was extremely symbolic because it was finally done.
    And one of Canadas biggestg railways was now in use.
    It was extremely symbolic because it is a symbol of nationality and unity in Canada. And the railway was a huge advancement in Canada.
  • Klondike Gold Rush Begins

    Klondike Gold Rush Begins
    The Klondike Gold Rush was an event of migration by an estimated 100,000 people prospecting to the Klondike region of north-western Canada in the Yukon region between 1896 and 1899.
    It was a very important part of Canadian History. Because the yukon is so empty that it made small town and mines and such and the area become slowly more developed it also had a large impact on our economy and the people that live here today.
  • Alberta and Saskatchewan Become Provinces.

    Alberta and Saskatchewan Become Provinces.
    This was a very significant event in Canadian History.
    Sir Frederick's original goal was to create a large western province called Buffalo. However, then prime minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier wanted to avoid giving too much power to Western Canada and therefore divided the West into two provinces: Alberta and Saskatchewan.
    And therefore splitting up the west into what it is now. I put it on this list because it made a huge effect on how life is now.
  • The Battle Of Vimy Ridge

    The Battle Of Vimy Ridge
    The battle Helped Canada find a sense of nationalism. It helped lay the groundwork for Canadian independence. It showed the world that it was independent from Britain. Vimy ridge was a world war 1 battle and is said to be the birth of Canadian nationalism and independence. (