Tomorrow, When the War Began events

Timeline created by Gnomeswriting
  • The Group goes to Hell

    During the school holidays, Ellie and Corrie decided to go camping and bring along some of their classmates and friends. They journey to Hell with Homer, Kevin, Robyn, Fi and Lee.
  • Planes fly over Hell

    While Camping in Hell, Ellie, Fi, Lee and Robyn hear planes flying low over Tailor's Stich. At first everyone believes that its just other Aussies backing back from Commen Day. But later Ellie remembers not seeing lights, therefore, the planes weren't Australian but rather the invaders
  • Coming Back from Hell

    After leaving Hell and Tailor's Stich, the group discovers that everyone is missing. Dogs and other animals are dead or close to death. It seems that no one came back from The Show
  • Ellie, Corrie and Kevin blow up a ride on Lawn Mower

    As they are chased by the invading soldiers, Ellie has the idea of blowing up the ride on that she triped over and that Kevin nearly missed. The plan goes well and the soldiers that were chasing them are presummed dead.
  • Ellie, Homer, Lee and Robyn find Chris

    Chris Lang was going to the eigthth member of Ellie's camping trip but couldn't come due to the fact that his parents were going overseas and something had to look after their farm. He didn't go to the show because it would have been boring with the others not being their. They found Chris hiding out at the Lang Resadence
  • Ellie and Homer rescue Lee and Robyn

    After being left in Wirawee, Robyn and Lee lay low at Lee's place. Lee had been shot in the leg. Robyn meet up with the others and then Ellie and Homer helped get Lee out of Wirawee.
  • Robyn, Kevin, Corrie and Chris Leave Hell

    To find out more about what's going on, the four characters leave Hell and head back to Wirawee.
  • Ellie finds the Hermit's hut

    While Corrie, Kevin, Robyn and Chris are in Wirawee, Ellie comes across the Hermit of Hell's hut. But it isn't until after the four characters come back to Hell, that she and Lee find the letters hidden in the hut.
  • Robyn, Kevin, Corrie and Chris return

    together the four characters discover the reason why Wirawee, a small town, has been invaded. Because the town is the only way to access Clobber's Bay. Clobber's Bay is the port where the invaders are using as their point for supplies and other things.
  • Planning the Attack on the Bridge

    With the news recieved by Corrie, Kevin, Chris and Robyn, the group of eight teenagers decided to make an effot to stop the invaders. They decide that Homer, Ellie, Fi and Lee will blow up a petrol tanker to collapse the Wirawee Bridge while the others look for food and other supplies
  • Corrie gets shot

    While looking for food and other supplies, Corrie gets shot by soldiers. The groups choices are to keep Corrie with them and she dies or risk sending her to the hospital where she could either die or live and the person who goes with her dies or gets captured.
  • The Wirawee Bridge Collapse

    Lee, Homer, Fi and Ellie blow up the bridge, the main access to Wirawee and Clobber's Bay, using only a petrol tanker and a herd of cattle. Homer and Fi exchanged 'I love yous' incase they got caught or if anything happened