Tom Cummins Timeline

  • walking on the old chains rock bridge me, Julie, and robin went for a walk on the old chains rock bridge after sneaking out of the house
  • meeting the attackers

    me, Julie, and Robin were walking along the bridge when they came across 4 strangers named Reginald Clemons, Marlin Gray, Antonio Richardson, and Daniel Winfrey.
  • making friends

    me, Julie, and robin introduced ourselves to our future attackers and walked around for a bit making conversation. moments later the men decided to leave, leaving us alone on the bridge again
  • returning of friends

    30 minutes later through the walk, four figures appeared out of the darkness and it was the four men from previously telling us that they were going to stick around longer.
  • friend betrayal

    the four men decided to walk with us a bit longer getting closer to us and eventually being side to side with us getting nervous we tried to communicate with each other figuring out a way to escape but it was too late for the four men had grabbed us
  • attack

    the four men attacked us. two of them pinning me to the ground and grabbing Julie and Robin but I couldn't see where they had taken them and while I was lying on the ground the two robbing me found my wallet with my firefighter badge inside suspecting me of being a cop they kicked my ribs and beat me while threatening to shoot me after they had taken everything from me they threw me in a man whole on the bridge.
  • The man hole

    after I got thrown in the manhole I looked around in the dark finding Julie and robin lying on the ground shivering crying and unclothed we lay there for three minutes scared and cold.
  • the fall

    as we were waiting we were holding on to each other and Richardson came out and said "stop touching each other and spread out" as we spread out robin dropped my arm and Julies then the next moment Julie had fallen in realizing that Richardson had pushed her in. Richardson then hit robin striking her down into the water the next minute I was standing alone on the pier and Richardson said jump or the gun without hesitation I jumped.
  • the pier

    moments later one of the men told us to get up and me and Julie stood up but robin didn't she just laid there in shock like she didn't even hear them after they told her to get up once more she did and the 4 men walked us out onto a concrete slab overhanging the side of the bridge me Julie and robin stood beside it not knowing what would happen next.
  • the swim

    I was falling for a while but when I hit the water I swam straight to the surface realizing I didn't hold my breath. I tried to look for julie or robing but the current made it hard I thought I saw robin but it turned out to be a log after bobbing around for so long I saw julie and I swam for her and grabbed her telling her that we have to swim for it to the water plant near the shore we swam for a minute and then I could feel julie slipping away until I lost grip and she was gone.
  • the struggle

    as I made it to the shore I looked around for julie or robin but they were nowhere to be found I knew I had to find help so I tried climbing up the slope but I was all wet and the slope was muddy but after an hour of struggling I finally made it up and I was on the side of a road and for a while, I was waiting for a car to come by a semi-truck drove by and I waved him down and told him I needed help the driver said he would go get the police.
  • the end

    after the trucker left for the police I decided to hide in a ditch just in case the 4 attackers drove by then after a while I started to worry that the trucker thought I was crazy and left me but then another truck drove by and I flagged him down and told him I needed help and he offered me a ride but I refused just in case the police did arrive and after a while they did and I knew I was safe.