Tom Clancy's EndWar, by: David Michals, Fiction, Pages 400

  • pages 1-32

    World War 3 started when Saudi Arabia and Iran detroyed each other in a nuclear exchange.The U.S and British special forces captured the Russian General and are beggining to interrogate him. Both asquads had heavy casualties and only the Spec op U.S commander and a sergant named Vatz made it out alive. TOTAL: 550
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    Tom Clancy's EndWar

  • pages 33-53

    A decoy chopper supposed to be carrying the recently captured rusiian general who was actually transported by sub was shot down. A marine team was pulled out of a training op in order to get to the chopper and recover the general before the russians do. Not knowing that the heli was a decoy they get to the chopper and a survivor on board told them it was a

    decoy. They escaped with minimal deaths.
    TOTAL: 570
  • Pages 54-96

    A russian terrorist group has taken over the Internationasl Space Station or ISS and planted a deadly super laser on board. While there are a german and jappenese enigeer on board the U.S doent want to start trouble by destroying the station. The Laser already destroyed a communications sattilite and a USS Florida has lost communications with command. PAGES: 612
  • Pages 97-113

    The commander of the USS Florida is beginning to realize there is no communication with command. And two US naval F-16s engaged around 40 Russian Helicopters that passed into canadian territory one F-16 was shot down and the pilot is not known to be dead or alive. TOTAL: 628
  • Pages 114-127

    The preident of the U.S agreed to have the ISS destroyed. The crew members of the USS Florida are beginning to recieve orders via text message on sttilite phones. And the piolit that crashed down in canada survived the crash. TOTAL: 641
  • Pages 128-148

    The piolit that surived the crash in Canada was killed by Russian troops. In rage the piolits wingman took down several russian helicoptors but she hhad to reful in the process. Also the US president gave the order to begin mobilizing U.S marines, Special Forces and Seals into Canada to impede the russians progress. TOTAL:661
  • Pages 149-170

    The commander of the USS Florida spoke with the U.S naval admiral and the admiral gave the order to destroy 3 russian destroyers when they come in contact with a refueling carrier. Also a piolit named Haverson who was the wing man of the piolit that crashed in Canada. Ingaged hostile forces but was shot down in the process. She was able to eject in time but she is questioning wheather or not shell survive the landing.
  • pages 171-191

    The USS Florida took out the 3 Rusiian ships with no russian survivors accounted for. When U.S froces moved into canada via airdrop there plane was shot down and only half of the men made it to the ground alive. The piolit that was shot down survived the landing with no injuries but Russian troops are already beggining to track her down. TOTAL: 702
  • Pages 192-253

    Halveerson found a barn with guns in it and fought off and killed the russian troops, and took there snowmobiles and ammo. Sgt. Vatz and his SF team got some civilians to help protect a small Canadian village from Russian forces but Vatz isnt sure if the SF are losing or winning. TOTAL:763
  • Pages 254-283

    Sgt. Vatz helped the rest of his team take back over the canadian villages airfield while another part of his team broke off to look for Halverson because they were ordered to straight from the president. Halverson is attempting to cross a frozen river in search for better cover from russian forces. TOTAL: 792
  • pages 284-315

    Halverson met up with the SF branch of SGT. Vatz group but there helo ran out of fuel and a crash landing was forced. Also a Russian terrorist force threatend the Canadia, Russian and US goverments by planting several suitcase nukes in several canadian territories and planned on detonating them in 48 hours. The US president made the decision to send a NEST force to find and disarm the bombs. TOTAL:823
  • pages 316-347

    Halverson and the the entire branch of Vayz SF team made it to a eveac. Helo but under close Russian fire except for sgt. Rule and the leader of the team is heading back into the woods on a suicide run to find the SGT. Also the NEST team found the first possible nuclear strike site in a tall tower which is heavily gaurded by Terrorist forces. TOTAL: 854
  • page 348-400

    The NEST teams suyccesfully disarmed both of the nukes with but the Captain of one of the teams jumped on top of a grenade to save the rest of the team. Sgt. Vatz made it out of Canada theanks to a tank team helping to retake the town from Russian forces and Halverson and the SF branch of Vatz team made it bask state side with no deaths and minimal injuries. The terrorist force behind the nukes had it's leader killed but by more dangerous terrorist therat A.K.A the Snowmaiden. TOTAL: 906