Toddler TL

  • infant is born

    infant is born
    mother gives birth to infant on november 8th 1997
  • 13-15 months - Physical

    13-15 months - Physical
    Baby is holding head up by him/herself and is pushing up with their legs trying to stand which will turn into toddling
  • 13-15 months - Cognitive

    13-15 months - Cognitive
    Baby is able to see color and is using the grasp reflex to play with toys and try to hold thimgs on thier own
  • 16-18 months - cognitive

    16-18 months - cognitive
    at this stage the toddler is able to stand on their own and is figuring out how his/her hands ect. are used
  • 16-18 months - physical

    16-18 months - physical
    at this stage the toddler is able to identify his/herself as a individual person
  • 19-21 months - cognitive

    19-21 months - cognitive
    This point in time the toddler is realizing how cause and affect work for example if the toddler cries he/she knows that mommy or daddy will come to the rescue
  • 19-21 months - physical

    19-21 months - physical
    Toddler should be in the process of being potty trained and learning basic rules such as biting is bad and hey will be put in timeout
  • 22-24 month - cognitive

  • 22-24 months - physical

    22-24 months - physical
    Now the toddler is 2 and is able to participate in more complex activities
  • 24-30 months - physical

    24-30 months - physical
    The toddler is talking and is able to clearly ask for what he/she wants or needs
  • 24-30 months -cognitive

    24-30 months -cognitive
    The toddler is able to do things by him/herself such as take his/her toys out and grab certain things such as a sippy cup or food that has been put out
  • 30-36 months - physical

    30-36 months - physical
    3 year olds are very energetic , self centered and are playful at this age
  • 30-36 months - cognitive

    30-36 months - cognitive
    By the time the child is 3 the toddler stage is almost over and the toddler should be talking, feeding him/herself and walking