Toddler Timeline

By mariaaS
  • Birth

  • 12-15 months- Physical Development

    12-15 months- Physical Development
    ~Turns several pages of a book at a time
    ~Moves objects hand to hand
    ~Sits down without help
    ~May walk alone or while holding a caregiver's hand
  • 12-15 months- Cognitive development

    12-15 months- Cognitive development
    ~Copy others actions
    ~Follow simple directions
    ~Realize things still exist when they cannot see them
    ~Recongize their owny name
  • 16-18 months-Physical Development

    16-18 months-Physical Development
    ~Sits down without help
    ~Picks up small objects with thumb and forefinger
    ~Stacks two to four blocks
    ~Drinks from a cup
  • 16-18 months- Cognitive development

    16-18 months- Cognitive development
    ~Showing understanding of some colors and shapes
    ~Make groups of things like shoes, socks
    ~Uses imagination
    ~Plays with playdough and crayons
  • 19-21 months- Physical Development

    19-21 months- Physical Development
    ~Kick a ball
    ~Ride on a small wheeled toy
    ~Sribble with crayon
    ~Throw and go get objects
  • 19-21 months- Cognitive development

    19-21 months- Cognitive development
    ~Use things objects like how they are suppose to be used Ex. Putting a phone to their ear.
    ~Recongize people in a family photo
    ~Shows interest in new sounds and people
    ~Shows a increase in memory and routines
  • 22-24 months- Physical Development

    22-24 months- Physical Development
    ~Walks well
    ~Jumps in place
    ~Climbs up or down one stair
    ~Pulls toys with wheels
  • 22-24 months-Cognitive development

    22-24 months-Cognitive development
    ~Understand the meaning more than one
    ~Understands two part requests like "Go to the shelf and get a book"
    ~Explore the concept of counting
    ~Pretend play with others
  • 24-30 months- Physical Development

    24-30 months- Physical Development
    ~Build a tower with 5 or more blocks
    ~Walk backwards and sideways
    ~Pedal on a easy tricycle
    ~Fold paper
  • 24-30 months- Cognitive development

    24-30 months- Cognitive development
    ~Complete simple puzzles
    ~Sort objects in small groups
    ~Starting to solve problems by trail and error
    ~Shows a increased attention span
  • 30-36 months- Physical Development

    30-36 months- Physical Development
    ~Stacks nine to ten blocks
    ~Throws a ball overhead but inaccurately
    ~Screws lids on and off containers
    ~Runs but may not be able to stop easy
  • 30-36 months-Cognitive development

    30-36 months-Cognitive development
    ~Enjoys creative movement
    ~Compares sizes like bigger, smaller, really big
    ~Notices changes in nature like a flower growing
    ~Knows related to time like bed time or nap time