Toddler Timeline

By maray94
  • Birth

    The day the baby was born!!
  • 12-18 months old

    12-18 months old
    Between 1 year and an 1 1/2 yr a child learns how to pick up small objects with their thumb and forefinger, move objects from hand to hand, sits down without help and walks with or without help. Through cognitive development they begin to take in information through there senses and use them in everyday life.
  • 19-24 months

    19-24 months
    Physically a child walks well on their own, jumps in place, pulls toys with wheels, climbs up or down one stair, grasps crayon with a fist and scribbles. In cognitive development a toddler's creativity and curiosity grows more and more everyday.
  • 24-30 months

    24-30 months
    The child begins to start picking up objects off the floor without losing their balance, turn one page of a book at a time, jumps off the bottom step of the stairs, pushes themselves off wheeled toys, and walks with more coordination and more organization. Their imagination also starts to progress more at this age as they learn about new things in the world.
  • 31-36 months

    31-36 months
    The toddler can screw lids on and off containers, draw circles, horizontal and vertical lines, throws a ball over their heads, and can run but may not stop smoothly. The child can also have a longer attention span, memory,and perception of the world and it helps them develop through their life.