Toddler Time Line Project

  • Birth of the baby

    Birth of the baby
    The baby is born on this day!
  • 13-15 months physical

    13-15 months physical
    -Toddler starts to walk but isnt very stable and toddles and use furniture and objects to hold them up.
    - Toddler's circumference of head, abdomen, and chest are about the same.
    -Toddler loves to play with large blocks, large beads and stacking games.
    -physical exercise promotes healthy development of the large and small muscle groups.
  • 13-15 months Cognitive

    13-15 months Cognitive
    -Understands word "no".
    -Shakes head to indicate no.
    -Says 2-3 words.
    -looks in appropriate place when asked.
  • 16-18 months physical

    16-18 months physical
    -Toddler starts to master climbing.
    -Teeth start coming in and teething may occur but the teeth are not permenant teeth and may come in crooked.
    -Toddlers are starting to develop a regular appetite.
    - Toddlers may also be able to kneel without support, and also squat and then stand up
  • 16-18 months cognitive

    16-18 months cognitive
  • 19-21 months physical

    19-21 months physical
    -Toddler will routinely squat while playing at this age and has a fairly steady hand.
    -Toddler may throw a ball over arm style.
    -Toddler may often prefer to watch rather than participate in activities and this is because they are still learning so much through observation.
    -Toddlers of this age also enjoy undressing and dressing themselves.
  • 19-21 months cognitive

    19-21 months cognitive
    -Sentences usually consist of a noun and a verb and do not include conjunctions such as “and” or adjectives and verbs.
    -Can identify most body parts.
    -Are able to run away or hide from their fears.
    -Can do most tasks asked of them.
  • 22-24 months physical

    22-24 months physical
    -Toddler can turn one page of a book at a time
    -Can stack up to 6 blocks
    -Toddler will walk with more coordination and confidence
    - Toddler jumps off the bottom step
  • 22-24 months cognitive

    22-24 months cognitive
    -Toddler will play sinmple games with others.
    -Toddlers are able to respond to simple commands.
    -Can understand simpler adult resoning.
    -Toddler will say please and thank you when told or prompted too.
  • 24-30 months cognitive

    24-30 months cognitive
  • 24-30 months physical

    24-30 months physical
    -Toddler can stack 8 blocks.
    -Toddler may push self on wheeled toys.
    -Toddler can screw lids on and off containers.
    -Can run but may not be able to stop smoothly.
  • 30-36 months physical

    30-36 months physical
    -Runs or walks sideways or backwards.
    -In constant motion.
    -Walks on tip toes
    -Can go down stairs by alternating feet.
  • 30-36 months cognitive

    30-36 months cognitive
    -Can say longer sentences.
    -Can follow three step commands.
    -Can stack rings in order.
    -Toddler can recognize themselves in a photo.