Title Sequence: The Roomate

  • Production Company icon

    Screen Gems is the production company and this is their icon. This is first in the order of titles.
  • Dstribution in the title sequence

    The distribution icon would come before the distribution in the title sequence, but this film did not have one.The distributer of this film is Vertigo entertainment.
  • Production in title sequence

  • Film Title

    The film title is The Roomate.
  • Actor 1

    After the film title, the main actor/actresses names are presented.
  • Actor 2

  • Actor 3

    A few more names would be shown, maybe 5 or 7
  • Casting

    This is the person who casted the actors.
    In this film casting was done by Lindsey Hayes Kroeger, csa
  • Costume

    The person who chooses what the character wear. In this film the costume designing is done by Maya Lieberman
  • Music by

    This is the person who chooses the music for the whole movie.The music is done by John Frizzell.
  • Music supervisor

    The person that supervises who the music is by. In this film it is Michael Friedman.
  • Editing by

    This is how the whole film comes together. When all l the filming is done, it is edited.The editing is done by Randy Pricker.
  • Production designer

    Production designers are responsible for the visual concept of a film. In this film the production desgner is Jon Gary Steels.
  • Director of photography

    Director of photography are key heads in department on film productions. The director of photography in this film is Phil Parmet
  • Executive producer

    The role of the Executive Producer is to supervise the work of the Producer on behalf of the studio. The executive producer in this film is Beau Marks and Sonny Mallhi
  • Written by

    The person who writes the script. This film was written by Sony Mallhi who is also the executive producer of this film
  • Directed by

    Directors assume multiple roles such as Director/Producer or Director/Writer.The film is directed by Christian E. Christiansen.