titan 2

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  • first susessful launch

    first susessful launch
    the first successful test went 6300 miles

  • previous event

    an incident happened in 78 an oxidizer leek sent a huge toxic cloud over high way 65
  • titan 2 missile explosion

    titan 2 missile explosion
    At 6:30 a maintenance worker drop a socket 80 ft and pierce the first stage fuel tank which caused a leek hours later it blew up
  • clean up

    a clean up crew were hired and they found debris up to acres from the site and had to pump out 100000 gallons of contaminated water from silos
  • medal of honer

    six air force service men were awarded the medal of honer for there bravery in march
  • it goes historical

    it goes historical
    The Titan II Missile Launch Complex 374-7 Site was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on February 18, 2000.
  • the last flight

    the last flight
    it took the last flight and was decommissioned for reasons unknown to us
  • documentary of titan 2

    documentary of titan 2
    a documentary of the titan 2 called command and control aired in 2016
  • Period: to

    titan 2 lifespan