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  • Prime Minister Borden declares war on Germany and its allies

    Prime Minister Borden declares war on Germany and its allies
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  • Francis Pegahmagabow

    Francis Pegahmagabow
    He was one of the first, first nation man to enlist in the military and fight for Canada. He was a war hero. Events: People
  • Billy Bishop

    Billy Bishop
    He revolutionized the Canadian air force and helped us gain respect because how good he was at flying. Events:People
  • Jeremiah Jones

    Jeremiah Jones
    Jeremiah Jones was one of the first black Canadians to enlist in the military. He was 58 years old. He lied so he could join. During Vimy Ridge he was rewarded with the Conduct Medal but did not receive. After he had past, his family got the medal. Events:People
  • Battle of Vimy Ridge

    The battle of Vimy ridge is one of the most important parts about the war because all of the Canadian division fought together. People say it was the start of national pride for Canada. Events: Devolpment
  • Conscription

    Conscription forced a lot of Canadians to enlist in the military even though they did not want too. Events: Development
  • Halifax Explosion

    Halifax Explosion
    The Halifax explosion was the largest explosion prior to the atomic bomb in 1945. Events: Development
  • Residential Schools

    Residential Schools
    Residential schools took kids out of their home and forced them to go to these schools. The schools would be strict and ruthless to the first nation children Events: Development
  • Chinese Head Tax in Canada

    Chinese Head Tax in Canada
    The Chinese Head Tax was to stop the immigration of Chinese men and women. You would have to pay the tax when evener you enter or leave the country. Events: Development
  • Coal Miner Strike

    Coal Miner Strike
    After their wages were cut miners went on strike to protest against it. The miners couldn’t afford rent or food because of the strike. There was even a song about it. Events: Development