Timeline of Technology (1998-2012)

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  • The Computer

    computer,- Sixty percent of U.S. households own at least one computer in this year
  • iPods

    iPods,- Apple released the iPod, which became the most popular MP3 player in history in 2001.
  • Wikipedia

    Wikipedia-Wikipedia was launched in 2001. It now has more than 17 million articles written collaboratively by volunteers around the world.
  • Wifi

    Wifi-created in 2003. Wi-Fi opened a floodgate of wireless internet adoption in the next few years. Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) wireless high speed internet access is deployed in more than 6,000 hotels, 2003
  • Facebook

    facebook- Facebook, which was only allowed to be used by Harvard students at the time, started in 2004.
  • Google

    Google- Google had more than 8 billion pages on the web this year
  • Youtube

    Youtube-YouTube came online in 2005. YouTube used more bandwidth in 2010 than the entire internet did in 2000. -2005
  • Twitter

    twitter-Twitter, the micro blogging site opened with 140 characters maximum per message.
  • iPhones

    Phones,-Apple introduces the iPhone in June. More than 74 million iPhone were sold in the next 4 and a half years.
  • GoogleDocs is created

    Google-GoogleDocs is created on google.com for free spreadsheets online