Timeline of Social Realism Films

By amaiak
  • The Stars Look Down

    The Stars Look Down
    The Stars Look Down is a film about the injustice in an english coal mining community.
  • Look Back In Anger

    Look Back In Anger
    A love triangle invovling an intelligent and educated man from working class origin.
  • A Taste of Honey

    A Taste of Honey
    Set in 1950s England, where a 17 year old struggles with her crude and sexual mother and her pregnancy to a black sailor who has gone to sea.
  • Kes

    A 15 year boy finds outlet training a kestral to forget about his life of struggle at school and the hard family life at home.
  • Quadrophenia

    Quadrophenia is about the rivalry between mods and rockers. A teenager who is caught up in a fight between mods and rockers finds his life heading downhill.
  • Secrets & Lies

    Secrets & Lies
    A succesful black woman traces her roots back to her real birth mother - a white working class woman who denies the truth and secrets are exposed.
  • Billy Elliot

    Billy Elliot
    A young boy who aspires to be a ballet dancer despite his working class background and the struggles of life which are in his path.
  • Fish Tank

    Fish Tank
    Reckless and rebellious teenager Mia has been suspended from school and is spending her freetime on drinking and partying in an empty flat near her working class house. She has constant arguments with her mother and sister and begins to seduce her mothers new boyfriend.