Timeline of Social Media

  • SixDegrees.com goes public

    SixDegrees.com goes public
    The site amassed around one million users before it was bought out for $125 million
  • AmIHotorNot.com launches

    AmIHotorNot.com launches
    One of the earliest causes of today's insecurities on social media. Made a return in 2014 as a dating app/game.
  • Friendster launch

    Friendster launch
    Dating site focused on helping people make more friends. Initial success was too much for the company's servers to handle, eventually leading to its demise.
  • MySpace.com officially launches

    MySpace.com officially launches
    One of the first huge social media platforms, stole the hearts of Friendster users.
  • FaceMash launch

    FaceMash launch
    Mark Zuckerberg's attempt at a Hot or Not type of website while at Harvard.
  • "The Facebook" goes pulic

    "The Facebook" goes pulic
    Early edition of Facebook, gained 1 million users in its first year.
  • Facebook.com

    Mark Zuckerberg made the decision to drop the "the" after "facebook.com" was purchased for $200,000.
  • YouTube officially launches

    YouTube officially launches
    Soon-to-be internet staple "YouTube" offically drops after months of public beta testing.
  • Twitter takes flight

    Twitter takes flight
    Text message based apllication to share small updates amongst friends.
  • LinkedIn launch

    LinkedIn launch
    Once referred to as “Myspace for adults.” First to offer users paid premium packages
  • The hashtag is born

    The hashtag is born
    One of Twitter’s early adopters, Chris Messina, proposed the "hashtag" for organizing tweets.
  • Instagram official launch

    Instagram official launch
    Photo/caption sharing platform, quickly became extremely popular amongst young people.
  • Pinterest launch

    Pinterest launch
    Social bookmarking app, once referred to as “digital crack for women.”
  • Snapchat hits the App Store

    Snapchat hits the App Store
    Photo sharing app that got its early appeal from the fact that posts are only public for 24 hours at a time. Unlike most other social media platforms, Snapchat is most frequently used as a consistent messaging app.
  • Facebook adds live-streaming

    Facebook adds live-streaming
    Facebook live has become one of the most used and most stable livestreaming platforms for creators.
  • Instagram adds stories

    Instagram adds stories
    Instagram was the first to steal the Story idea from Snapchat, but they were soon followed by Facebook, YouTube, and even Netflix.
  • Twitter doubles the character limit

    Twitter doubles the character limit
    140 to 280
  • IGTV launch

    IGTV launch
    Instagram now chose to take a page from YouTube and introduce longform video.