Timeline of my Reading History

  • What got me Interested in Reading

    What got me Interested in Reading
    The first memory I have of books was when I was a child and I would go to the library and pick books with my family. When we got home they would read them to me and it was something that I enjoyed.
  • Pretending to Read

    Pretending to Read
    When my family wasn't reading to me I would read wordless books and make up my own stories by using my imagination.
  • Reading/Hearing Worlds to a Song

    Reading/Hearing Worlds to a Song
    In kindergarten I was able to learned how to read "Baby Beluga" by listening to the song with my class.
  • Readalouds

    "The Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister was one of the readalouds I remember having read to me by my teacher in grade school.
  • Books I Could Read on my Own

    Books I Could Read on my Own
    As I learned more in school I began recognizing words and could read short phrase. "No, David" by David Shannon was one of the very first books I was able to read with little assistance (each page has 2-3 words). Another type of book I could read with little assistance were Dr,Seuss books. The reason I could read these books so easily was because they rhymed and had simple words.
  • Reading Chapter Books

    Reading Chapter Books
    As my reading improved I started reading chapter books. I remember that my favorite chapter book to read was the "Junie B. Jones" series by Barbara Park.
  • My Poetry Phase

    My Poetry Phase
    I went threw a phase where I read a lot of poetry books by Shel Silverstein.
  • My Next Phase

    My Next Phase
    The next phase was my love for non-fiction reading material. During this point, I read a lot of books, magazines, and articles I found on the internet this allowed me to learn from what I was reading.
  • When I Joined a Reading Club

    When I Joined a Reading Club
    When I was in the sixth grade my English teacher encouraged me to join her reading club. One of the books I remember reading was "Esperanza Rising" by Pam Munoz Ryan.
  • Middle School and High School

    Middle School and High School
    This is around the time that I started reading more complex books. We did this by popcorn reading in class and by read to ourselves and discussing what was read. We also started writing about what we read and found the meaning of what the author wrote.
  • What I Currently Read

    What I Currently Read
    Since I'm still attending college course I do a lot of reading based on the type of classes I am taking. This can range from subjects like Hispanic Culture in the US, Literature of Love or a topic on philosophy.
  • Books I Read When I Have Free Time

    Books I Read When I Have Free Time
    When I am not in school or when I have extra time I will sometimes read. I read about thing that are interesting to me and that I want to learn more about. At the moment I am reading a book on the "The Aztecs" by Richard F. Townsend. The reason I choose to read this book was because it gives me knowledge about my ancestor and about Mexico.