Timeline of My Life

Timeline created by Michaelaa_Paras
  • Born

    Key People: My parents and my family
    Lessons Learnt: Life is a precious gift
    Earth: New begining, like a seed.
  • Sister born

    Sister born
    Earth: New Begining,
    Lesson: Life is a precious gift.
    Key People: Mum, Dad and Family
  • First Day of Primary School

    First Day of Primary School
    Earth: New begining, to a new path of life. Begining of education.
    Key People: Mum, Dad and teachers.
  • First school production-Superkids.

    First school production-Superkids.
    Key People: Mum and Dad were involved as well as teachers and my fellow students.
    Earth: Begining of a long journey in performing
  • First Holy Communion

    First Holy Communion
    Key People: Parish, family, friends myself and God.
    Lessons Learnt:That there is an everlasting bond with God
    Earth: Its a new begining to a long lasting relationship with God.
  • Bestfriend passed away

    Bestfriend passed away
    Key People: Friends and Family
    Fire: It burnt all my happiness, to lose such a good friend. Yet some good came out of it.
    Lesson Learnt: Life comes and goes. Nothing is forever.
  • Graduation Party

    Graduation Party
    Key People: Teachers, Friends and Family
    Lessons Learnt: That there are times in your life where things end and new things start.
    Fire: Old things die out and new things are born/friends come and go.
  • Transition into High-school

    Transition into High-school
    Key People: Friends, teachers and family.
    Lessons: You are going to take big steps in your life and achieve great things.
    Earth: New begining into a long journey of hard education. But it will be worth it in the end
  • First Kiss

    First Kiss
    Key People: The guy I kissed.
    Lessons Learnt: Good things come to those who wait.
    Earth: It was a symbol that I had begun my teenage years and I was growing up.
  • 13th Birthday

    13th Birthday
    Key People: Friends and family/
    Lessons Learnt: Life is all about growing up and completing milestones
    Earth: The begining of a new path into adult-hood
  • First high-school Production

    First high-school Production
    Key People: Myself, teachers, friends, parents, production team and family.
    Lessons: If you work hard at something the results are amazing.
    Air: Sometimes it can be relaxing but once the pace is picked up, things get a lot messier.
  • First Boyfriend

    First Boyfriend
    Key People; Matt
    Lessons: Sometimes things fall apart so that better things come together. Everything happens for a reason
    Earth: The begining of a long term relationship (I hope)
  • Fame- The Musical

    Fame- The Musical
    Key People: School teachers, students, parents, family, friends and myself.
    Lessons: Hard work and dedication goes a long way.
    Water; Theres always calm before the storm, everything is calm until the production week then things get real.
  • Emmaus Idol

    Emmaus Idol
    Key People: Nich, teachers, Claire (singing teacher) and friends.
    Lessons: Sometimes you have to lose and life isnt all about winning.
    Fire: We enjoyed ourselves and although we lost, we got our voices heard.